Introducing: The TSS Mama Program

I’ve been hinting at this for a while now, but I’m so excited to launch our TSS Mama Program! We’ve always had pre and post-natal workouts on The Sculpt Society, but this program is designed to truly get you from the very start of your pregnancy, all the way through your post-partum journey, and give you safe and effective workouts for each stage of motherhood!

Of course, this program is extra special to me since I’m doing this alongside all the other TSS Mamas out there and just entered into my third trimester a few weeks ago! In addition to being certified in pre and post-natal workouts, I was really able to create this program and test it on myself first by seeing what feels best while going through the different stages of pregnancy and seeing how my body feels as it’s going through these big changes. 

This program breaks down workouts for the first trimester, second trimester, third trimester, and postpartum. There are calendars and videos that you can follow throughout your entire pregnancy whether you’re looking for more structure or need flexibility based on how you’re feeling each day.

I answer all of my most asked questions in this video where I go through how you can modify workouts further, the importance of 360 breathing and strengthening the pelvic floor, as well as what kind of core work and cardio are okay to do at each stage of pregnancy. 

To kick off this program, I’m doing a TSS Mama - 28 Day Challenge starting on March 1 so we can all do this first month together! 

As always, please make sure you are cleared by your doctor to workout before beginning any exercise program.

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