Move through each phase of your cycle

Introducing Sculpt + Sync: Move through each phase of your cycle—our latest program created to help people with periods adapt their workouts to the four phases of their monthly cycle. Start your 7-Day free trial today!

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Listening to your body and developing a deeper understanding of hormonal patterns can help with everything from managing period and PMS symptoms to reducing stress, getting better sleep, and making workouts more effective. Lean into your body’s changing energy levels and choose different workouts to align with the different phases of your cycle.

By making choices that align with your body’s natural rhythm, you’ll feel healthier, happier, and stronger all month long.

Menstrual Phase

During menstruation, a time of reset and renewal, we recommend low-intensity workouts and gentle movement, like our slow + controlled classes.

Follicular Phase

As you enter the follicular phase, estrogen levels rise and you’ll naturally start feeling more energetic—ideal for higher intensity full body workouts.

Ovulation Phase

When you reach ovulation, your energy will fluctuate. Take advantage of your higher energy windows with quickie classes, designed to target specific muscle groups.

Luteal Phase

In your luteal phase, energy levels decrease again, so choose low impact workouts, such as our sculpt classes.

Move with us throughout your cycle

Align with your body’s natural rhythm to feel healthier, happier, and stronger all month long

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Sync with the TSS Fam

"The Sculpt Society quickie workouts and workout programs help me stay committed to moving everyday. I squeeze these in between meetings or in the mornings and have seen an incredible difference in my strength, flexibility and energy! I’ll never start a day without The Sculpt Society or Megan Roup again!"

– Riddhi Shah

"I instantly fell in love with Megan‘s culture and message: Go at your own pace, do what feels right for you, and try not to compare yourself to others. I got my family and friends to join and we’ve been doing TSS workouts on Zoom together, 3-4x a week, for almost a year now! It’s usually the highlight of our day, as it gives us an opportunity to connect, laugh, sweat and improve our health!"

– LanAnh Ho

"Megan is incredibly motivating and creates such fun workouts. I never feel like I do the same workout twice. The app constantly changes, adds new videos, workouts, and even has a meditation section. TSS has helped me stay sane and active!"

– Kat Galarraga