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Looking to break a serious sweat in 30 minutes or less? Our Dance Cardio Program is your go-to. Dance moves are fun and easy to follow - no dance experience necessary! Our upbeat playlists will leave you feeling energized, confident, and breaking a sweat in no time. 

With moves that work your entire body, our dance cardio classes are a great workout for any fitness level. This program prioritizes cardio exercise through dynamic choreography that will leave you excited for the next class. Let’s get this dance party started.


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The Beginner Program includes 4 weeks of low-impact training to build your confidence as you start to establish a workout routine. These workouts are 25 minutes or less and emphasize form and technique, so you feel comfortable learning new exercises.



This custom workout plan includes 4 weeks of full body sculpt workouts and focused quickie classes to target specific muscle groups. Discover joyful fitness with low-impact workouts that bring out the best in you in 30 minutes or less.



Workouts do not need to be hours long to be effective. This guided program delivers 4 weeks of spicy, short workouts to sculpt and tone your arms, booty, legs and abs in 25 minutes or less. Choose from one of two tracks: one that includes dance cardio workouts or the no dance cardio option. These empowering workouts will leave you feeling accomplished and energized.



This workout program delivers 4 weeks of 30-minute workouts to sculpt and tone your entire body. The Intermediate Program incorporates low-impact upper body, lower body, and cardio workout sessions that leverage bodyweight exercises to promote muscle growth.



Challenge yourself with our most advanced 8-week workout program. Specifically crafted with repetition in mind, you'll elevate your fitness routine with 45-minute classes throughout each week to build strength and confidence and watch your fitness level continue to improve.



This prenatal workout program includes dedicated classes for all three trimesters. Broken down by week, it will guide you through your entire pregnancy.



Once you’ve been cleared to work out by your doctor and you’ve completed the Postpartum Pelvic Floor and Core Recovery Program, this program will help rebuild your strength and transition you back into your regular workouts.



Experience 8-weeks of results-driven, low-impact workouts to sculpt your arms, legs, booty, and abs and optional dance cardio workouts. After each workout, you’ll feel accomplished, stronger, and more confident for your big day!


Dance it out with the TSS Fam

"Before The Sculpt Society, I was struggling to find motivation to workout. After having my son last year, my body didn’t feel the same. I found myself dreading walking into a gym. Not only does TSS give me a spicy workout with real results, but also the confidence and MOTIVATION to move my body and feel good DURING and after a workout! I have felt a dramatic shift inside and I’m starting to lean into the fact that I am powerful and capable!

– Sarah Jansson

"TSS workouts are so fun and there is such variety! If I only have 10 minutes, I can do a quickie workout, but if I really want to sweat it out, there are 30-40 minute full bodies and dance cardio. I started the free trial and quickly realized this was going to be an app I would stick with. Megan makes dance cardio so fun and approachable. I now look forward to my workouts because I know I will feel so much better after a TSS sweat sesh!"

– Erin Tenneson

"The Sculpt Society is the most effective digital sculpt class out there! Megan’s sequencing is intelligent, challenging, creative, fun and guarantees a “spicy” sweat! She inspires you everyday by going live with a new workout and allowing time to connect, answering questions and allowing us to share in her personal journey. TSS workouts have strengthened my small and large muscle groups preventing further injuring and repairing old ones. My body has transformed into a leaner and stronger version!"

– Alisha Auringer

Frequently Asked Questions

Dance cardio is a cardio workout that leverages guided dynamic dance moves to create a high-energy workout that improves cardiovascular endurance and core strength. These dance workouts are designed to be fun and effective, engaging various muscle groups and enhancing your overall fitness.

Yes! The TSS app offers dance cardio classes suitable for all fitness levels, including beginners. The classes provide various routines and levels of intensity, allowing newcomers to build confidence and gradually improve their dance skills and fitness.

No prior dance experience is needed. Our instructors will guide you through each dance move and routine, making our dance cardio program accessible to all. Over time, repeated practice helps improve your dance skills and confidence.

Dance cardio offers a variety of holistic benefits, combining fitness and fun to create an engaging workout. One key benefit is its ability to improve cardiovascular endurance, promoting heart health and enhancing overall stamina. Additionally, dance cardio engages multiple muscle groups, contributing to toning, strengthening, and flexibility.

Beyond physical fitness, dance cardio offers mental health benefits, providing an emotional release through movement and elevating mood. This type of workout encourages coordination and endurance, making it a multifaceted workout. Finally, its social and interactive aspect through TSS can help to provide a sense of community and connection, making dance cardio not only effective but also an enjoyable and sustainable way to reach fitness goals.

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