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Embark on a fitness journey tailored specifically for the magical experience of pregnancy.

The Sculpt Society's Prenatal Program is here to guide every pregnant woman through each week of her pregnancy, ensuring a healthy, strong, and confident path to birth. 

Program Overview

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Begin our meticulously designed prenatal workout program that blends gentle exercise, core strengthening, and pelvic floor exercises. Whether you're in the initial stages of pregnancy, adapting to your body's changes in the 2nd or 3rd trimester, or preparing your body and mind for childbirth, our program is customized to support you at every step. 

1st Trimester

Discover gentle yet effective workouts that cater to your body's initial adjustments to pregnancy. Focus on building stamina and maintaining core strength without overexerting.

2nd Trimester

As your belly grows, so does our support. Engage in specialized second-trimester workouts that emphasize pelvic floor strength.

3rd Trimester

Prepare your body for birth with targeted workouts focusing on flexibility, core muscles, and pelvic floor exercises, ensuring you're as ready as you can be for the big day.

Prenatal Fitness Program

Tailored dance cardio and sculpt workouts are tailored to help you build your strength during your pregnancy. These pregnancy strength workouts will keep you fit, energized, and strong throughout all trimesters, ensuring a healthy pregnancy. Blend strength from our sculpt and full-body workouts with serenity through prenatal yoga sessions that enhance your physical activity while providing mental peace and preparation for birth.

Prenatal Pelvic Floor + 360 Breathing Program

Essential for preventing diastasis recti and aiding in postpartum recovery, our pelvic floor-focused classes are designed to strengthen the core and pelvic floor muscles, supporting your body's adjustment to carrying your growing baby.

What our TSS Mamas are saying

As an ob/gyn, I often give my patients a pelvic PT referral postpartum because it is key for recovery and prevention of prolapse and incontinence. 3 weeks after my c section, I followed along with Megan on TSS who was also newly postpartum at the time. I was truly impressed with how quickly I regained my pelvic and core strength by just committing 15 mins a day. I will be raving about the TSS postpartum pelvic recovery program to anyone who will listen as it is a game changer for busy/new moms!

Dr. Abena Amoabeng (@her.healthdoc)

I have been so grateful for The Sculpt Society's prenatal program throughout my pregnancy! When I found out I was pregnant, I was nervous about making sure my fitness activities would still be safe for pregnancy. My doctor gave me limited guidance and the information I found online was overwhelming, but when I started the TSS prenatal program, I felt immediate relief! Megan uses a very intentional, educational & fun approach to fitness during each trimester, teaching you what is safe while tailoring the workouts to each week of pregnancy. Not only have I felt strong & confident throughout my pregnancy from doing the TSS workouts consistently, but I've also felt equipped to know how to modify & enjoy other fitness activities safely too. 10/10 would recommend this program to any other mama out there!

Jillian Peterson

I had my 4th baby in December and followed The Sculpt Society Prenatal and then PP Pelvic floor Recovery Program immediately after having him. My core looks and feels better than it did before I ever had kids!! The Sculpt Society truly has made me feel so much better in my skin than any other program l've ever followed!

Stephanie Pier

It's been so fun to mark each new week of pregnancy with a new week of TSS by clicking into that week's workouts (and now to scroll back and see how many I've accomplished). I literally run to my yoga mat after work to see what the new week of TSS has to offer. Mentally, it's also been really great for me to have this "me" time and not to have to do a bunch of googling to figure out what's safe for my body, and how I can physically support and take care of my changing body. I thought I'd have to give up so much being pregnant in terms of movement, but I was able to hike in Arizona in my 3rd trimester, and I still hit my oura step count every single day. I 100% think this is because of TSS. Megan's encouragement helps me to keep up with it, even on rougher days of pregnancy! 

Melissa Levenson

"Thanks to #TSSmama I've been able to confidently move by body throughout my first + second trimester, and truly feel like my best self throughout this crazy, stressful time. During my pregnancy its not about pushing the limits but rather continuing to practice what I value while honoring my body (and my growing babe!) and embracing just how beautiful it is to be a woman. Megan consistently emphasizes this throughout her course and I can't thank the TSS team enough for the strength, peace of mind, and encouraging words they've given me on my new journey to motherhood!"

– Lauren Motejunas

"Remaining active throughout pregnancy was very important to me. I can’t express how much I love Megan Roup and The Sculpt Society! The TSS Mama program kept me motivated, helping me maintain a strong and healthy body. The workouts are so fun, yet challenging, that I literally looked forward to doing them every day. Now that I’m in the 4th trimester, I am loving the postpartum program. Continuing to do TSS workouts after giving birth not only help me regain my strength, especially my core, but it also helps so much mentally and emotionally, after birthing and now raising my little peanut."

– Renee Reinertsen

"I can't say enough good things about #TSS. I started doing the workouts during my pregnancy when I knew I needed something that would keep me active in a fun, convenient way during the winter. Even if I was just doing a ten minute arm workout, it always felt so good to move my body. I was so thankful to be doing workouts up until labor. Postpartum, I've been taking things slow, but adding workouts to my long walks has really helped me start to feel strong again and given me the mental and physical energy to get through the days with an infant."

– Camille Conover Gunderson

Frequently Asked Questions

The Prenatal Program is part of the TSS Mama Pregnancy Workout Plan. TSS Mama is a comprehensive fitness program that supports you through every trimester of your pregnancy as well as through your postpartum journey with our Postpartum Workout Plan. The Sculpt Society Prenatal Workout Program includes a variety of exercises all designed to maintain your fitness while ensuring the safety of you and your baby through your pregnancy. From building pelvic floor strength to enhancing your overall stamina and preparing your body for birth, our program addresses the unique needs of pregnant women, ensuring a balanced approach to prenatal fitness.

The ideal time to start prenatal workouts is whenever you feel ready and have clearance from your healthcare provider, typically in the first trimester. Our program is designed to safely guide you from the very beginning of your pregnancy journey, as early as 5 weeks pregnant. Each workout is tailored to adapt to your body's changes, ensuring a healthy pregnancy from the first to the third trimester. Remember, it's never too late to begin, as this program is organized by the week of your pregnancy, so you can jump into the program at any time with workouts that are tailored to the stage of your pregnancy journey. 

The best prenatal exercises focus on strengthening the core muscles, enhancing pelvic floor strength, and maintaining overall fitness without putting undue pressure on your body. Each week of the program includes exercises that are optimized to be the most effective for each stage of your pregnancy. Key exercises include:

  • Pelvic Floor Exercises: To strengthen the muscles that support the uterus, bladder, and bowels, helping prevent incontinence and aiding in postpartum recovery.
  • Prenatal Yoga: For flexibility, stress reduction, and improving blood circulation.
  • Low-Impact Movement: Gentle, slow + controlled classes to minimize strain while effectively enhancing joint mobility and overall stability.

Our prenatal program is designed with postpartum recovery in mind, emphasizing exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor and core health, essential for a quicker and smoother recovery after birth. By focusing on these areas during pregnancy, you're less likely to experience diastasis recti and other post-pregnancy complications. The program lays a foundation for a healthy recovery, allowing you to return to your pre-pregnancy fitness level with greater ease.

Classes range from 5-30 minutes.

Move with us throughout
your pregnancy journey

Unlock a healthy approach to fitness with our TSS Mama Program.

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