Nadine Leopold

Before Megan’s workout, it was very hard for me to find a balance between cardio and sculpting and I felt like I never got the results I would have liked to see. Once I started doing The Sculpt Society, my whole body changed and I was obsessed. It felt like I not only finally found the perfect workout, but also found the perfect stress relief. The dancing part put me in such a good mood and the sculpting gave me the abs I always dreamed of. I’ve never been so consistent with any other workout. And even after two years It’s still my favourite workout online and in the studio. 

Morgan Stewart 

Shanina Shaik  

I have worked with Megan Roup and followed her workout method with The Sculpt Society for a few years. I absolutely love Megans energy! I appreciate her attention to making me feel and look good! From the moment I began working with Megan, I noticed amazing changes on my body but most importantly how I felt….empowered and confident

Kate Bock 

I’ve tried almost every work out class and I’ve never loved a class as much as Megan’s The Sculpt Society. It’s the perfect balance of cardio and sculpting. Whether I am streaming or in the studio, I always look forward to it and finish with a good sweat and sore muscles.