TSS Bridal Program

8-week bridal workout program and wedding workout plan to feel your best on your wedding day. Start your 7-Day free trial today!

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Experience 8-weeks of results-driven low-impact workouts to sculpt your upper body, legs, booty, abs, and optional dance cardio workouts. This program is designed to help you achieve your fitness goals and feel accomplished, stronger, and more confident for your big day!

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Choose from two tracks:

Beginner or intermediate-advanced workout plans. Each includes a calendar of workouts to guide you ahead of your wedding day in achieving your fitness goals while having fun! Both plans are perfect for wedding prep and allow for rest days to help manage stress and recovery.


Inspiring Wellness Chats

Inspiring wellness chats with celebrity trainer, Megan Roup and special guests, advice from wedding industry experts including Zola, London Jewelers, Jennifer Behr and Elizabeth Fillmore, plus a journal filled with healthy recipes, motivating prompts and tools to track your progress.


Community Engagement

Find support in our TSS Bride Tribe and connect with other brides, maids of honor, mothers of the bride and more! Enjoy community conversations, workouts, special guests and partner discount codes to help you navigate the wedding prep process.

Start the TSS Bridal Program with one of the following options:

Join the TSS Fam!

Gain access to this program, plus:

• Over 600 on-demand workouts
• Exclusive membership benefits
• Receive a 7-day free trial when you choose a monthly ($19.99/month) or annual membership ($179.99/year).

SAVE $60 With our annual plan
$240 $179.99
billed annually
Not ready to commit to a membership?

• Rent the TSS Bridal Program for 90 days with no subscription required.
• Choose the Beginner track if you’re just starting your fitness journey, or the Intermediate/Advanced track if you’re ready to turn your workouts up a notch.

90-day rental

What TSS Brides Are Saying

“When I started wedding planning, I knew I wanted to improve my fitness routine and doing TSS at home makes it so easy. TSS doesn’t make me feel pressured to be “shredding for the wedding” but to incorporate healthy movement into my schedule and to be encouraged throughout my journey to the big day.”

- Fiona Soraghan

“Between wedding planning and my crazy work schedule, having quick and efficient workouts right on my phone with the TSS app makes it so easy for me to fit in daily movement. The Sculpt Society helps me feel energized, motivated, and toned as I prep for the big day!”

– Ali Mendelsohn

"I was doing The Sculpt Society workouts consistently to prep for my wedding and it was the happiest and most energized I have felt in so long! I love how accessible the app is and how I can bring it with me anywhere - I even plan to bring it with me on my honeymoon!"

– Alexis Wolfe @nycdatenite

Frequently Asked Questions

The TSS Bridal Program provides an 8-week bridal workout plan designed to sculpt and tone your body. You’ll find a variety of exercises, including strength-building sculpt workouts, and dance cardio classes. The program offers sculpt sessions with optional equipment like 3lb dumbbells, ankle weights, and exercise sliders to build strength in your arms, legs, and abs, leaving you feeling empowered on your wedding day. Additionally, you’ll receive recipes and wedding tips from industry experts, ensuring you achieve your wedding fitness goals.

For optimal results, it’s recommended to begin the bridal workout program at least 8 weeks before your big day. This provides ample time to complete the entire bridal program, build strength, and establish a routine. The last thing you want is to be stressed about your workout routine in the middle of wedding planning, so starting early can help you alleviate some of that stress.

Getting in shape varies for each bride, but generally, our 8-week program provides a solid foundation for achieving your fitness goals. Consistently following a workout plan that includes strength building, cardio, and targeted workouts can help you tone and sculpt your body in time for your special day.

While it’s ultimately a personal choice, light exercises such as stretching or yoga can help calm pre-wedding jitters and enhance mind-body connection. If you feel up to it, a short run or a brief dance cardio workout can also help you release endorphins, boosting your mood for your wedding day.

To sustain your progress beyond your wedding day, continue following a workout schedule that you can stay consistent with. At TSS, our programs range from Low-Impact Beginner Workout Plans to our 8 Week Advanced Workout Plan, and programs everywhere in between.  Not sure where to begin after you complete the Bridal Program? We recommend using our personalized workout finder to get personalized recommendations for classes and programs based on your current fitness level.

Yes! The TSS Bridal Program offers workouts ranging from 5 to 45 minutes, making it the perfect way to fit exercise into a busy schedule. The program includes a variety of workouts, including quickie workouts, allowing you to work out efficiently even during busy periods.

Absolutely! All of our workouts can be done together. Consider making your wedding workout routine a bonding activity, enhancing your relationship while reaching your fitness goals as a couple. Founder Megan Roup and her husband Morgan love to workout together and are a great example of how fitness can strengthen both your body and your relationship!

Gift The Program

Surprise a bride with the gift of movement! Our wedding workout plan is the perfect addition to any bride's fitness routine and can help her reach her fitness goals. Gift your loved one the Bridal Program exclusively, or send a 1-12 month all-access membership to the TSS app.