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The Beginner Program includes 4 weeks of low-impact training to build your confidence as you start to establish a workout routine. These beginner workouts are 25 minutes or less and emphasize form and technique, so you feel comfortable learning new exercises. Experience all the spiciness that you’d find in a signature TSS class, but at a more approachable pace. 

Each low-impact full-body workout is designed with beginners in mind. Engage your entire body through guided home workouts that can be done without any equipment. Whether you're looking to focus on your upper body, lower body, or core, this beginner workout program offers a variety of low-impact exercises perfect for any level.


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This custom workout plan includes 4 weeks of full body sculpt workouts and focused quickie classes to target specific muscle groups. Discover joyful fitness with low-impact workouts that bring out the best in you in 30 minutes or less.



Workouts do not need to be hours long to be effective. This guided program delivers 4 weeks of spicy, short workouts to sculpt and tone your arms, booty, legs and abs in 25 minutes or less. Choose from one of two tracks: one that includes dance cardio workouts or the no dance cardio option. These empowering workouts will leave you feeling accomplished and energized.



This workout program delivers 4 weeks of 30-minute workouts to sculpt and tone your entire body. The Intermediate Program incorporates low-impact upper body, lower body, and cardio workout sessions that leverage bodyweight exercises to promote muscle growth.


Dance Cardio

Looking to break a serious sweat in 30 minutes or less? Our Dance Cardio Program is your go-to. Dance moves are fun and easy to follow—no dance experience necessary!—and upbeat playlists will leave you feeling energized and confident. Let’s get this dance party started.



Challenge yourself with our most advanced 8-week workout program. Specifically crafted with repetition in mind, you'll elevate your fitness routine with 45-minute classes throughout each week to build strength and confidence and watch your fitness level continue to improve.



This prenatal workout program includes dedicated classes for all three trimesters. Broken down by week, it will guide you through your entire pregnancy.



Once you’ve been cleared to work out by your doctor and you’ve completed the Postpartum Pelvic Floor and Core Recovery Program, this program will help rebuild your strength and transition you back into your regular workouts.



Experience 8-weeks of results-driven, low-impact workouts to sculpt your arms, legs, booty, and abs and optional dance cardio workouts. After each workout, you’ll feel accomplished, stronger, and more confident for your big day!


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“I started TSS in 2019 and it started my love for not only TSS, but working out. Megan completely changed my perception of working out. Her mixture of dance cardio, light weights, and combos are so effective. It has made me look forward to working out, learning it can be fun and not a chore, but a choice. Two years in, TSS has made me stronger physically and mentally! “

– Emily Suprenant

"I was instantly hooked by Megan’s energy and challenging movements. For the first time a light bulb went off in my head and I knew if I stuck with this, I would actually see changes. I have never seen my body the way it looks now and I could not feel better about myself. The bottom line is the method works and the results are insane!"

– Isabella Kusner

"I signed up for the TSS free trial and the rest is history. I was a bit intimidated at first, but Megan has a way of putting anyone at ease. I am 50 years old and my body responds to the low impact cardio and sculpt classes. My body has lengthened and my muscles have toned. I save over an hour by not having to travel, as I can work out anytime. I have made TSS friends across the globe and we encourage each other."

– Robin Condon

"I started TSS after the birth of my son. I was craving a new way to challenge my (very different) postpartum body. I needed a way to marry my new schedule + everyday motherhood. I am a believer in the TSS method and I treasure Megan’s authenticity and transparency. She’s here to empower the community, making us stronger in the process. Megan has helped me reject internal negative narratives and be the best version of myself."

– Caitlin Dunn

Frequently Asked Questions

Our workout plan for beginners focuses on gradual progression and incorporating various exercises to target different muscle groups. This beginner workout plan includes bodyweight exercises to build a foundation of strength and stability. It also emphasizes low-impact exercises to protect joints and minimize the risk of injury. We recommend a full-body workout routine to ensure balanced development and overall fitness.

A beginner should start by setting clear fitness goals before diving into any of our programs. We recommend beginning with low-impact training and low-impact workouts to gradually build muscle mass and cardiovascular endurance while minimizing stress on the body. This program is designed to guide you through a variety of different exercises that are meant to target the major muscle groups, while gradually building your strength and confidence. 

For beginners, we recommend incorporating shorter workouts, five times a week. Our program includes workouts that are 25 minutes or less to help you build a consistent routine at an approachable pace. This allows for active recovery between workout sessions and helps prevent overtraining. It's important to include rest days in your workout routine to allow the body time to repair and build muscle. Some TSS tips for post-workout muscle recovery include: stretching, meditation, walks, and proper nutrition and hydration. 

As fitness levels improve, gradually increasing exercise frequency and intensity can lead to better fitness results. Consider our Spicy 30-Minute Workouts or Quickie Workouts to turn things up a notch!

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