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Stay motivated with TSS programs—personalized workout collections with a guided calendar of recommended classes ranging from 4-8 weeks in length, from beginner to advanced + for different life stages. You’ll always be able to find these programs on the app, plus seasonal challenges to mix it up.

Personalized workout programs by experience level

Programs expertly designed to target specific fitness levels with full-body sculpting and dance cardio to help you reach your fitness goals.







Dance Cardio



Unlock dedicated workout programs for every stage of life

Programs designed for big life changes as your fitness goals develop.



Sculpt + Sync

Move through your cycle


Find workouts that work for you

Get matched with TSS classes and programs that fit your fitness goals. It only takes two minutes!



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Whether you’re a living room dancer or a lover of low-impact exercise, starting your day with movement or fitting in a quickie workout on your lunch break, we have the program to match your workout style.


Frequently Asked Questions

We have dance cardio and full-body sculpt programs for every fitness level. Each personalized workout program was developed to target specific muscle groups and has been broken out by experience level: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced or life stage: Prenatal, Postnatal, Sculpt + Sync, or Bridal.

Our different programs incorporate a mix of sculpt and dance cardio workouts, including core strengthening exercises and more to create a fully guided workout plan. With our 7-day free trial, extensive full-body workout programs, and the convenience of our at-home workout app, The Sculpt Society provides the tools and community you need to succeed. Remember, everybody is unique, so listen to yours and adjust your workout program as needed.

Yes, our programs are designed to be done at home or anywhere on the go! Our programs are primarily centered around sculpt workouts and dance cardio to help you get in a good workout wherever you are. By combining light weight strength training, core workouts, and flexibility exercises, our programs ensure a holistic approach to fitness that will support your overall fitness goals. Some classes will provide equipment suggestions to turn things up a notch, but equipment is never required. All you need is yourself and a place to workout!

All Sculpt Society workouts can be done without equipment, but some programs and classes recommend 1-3 lb hand weights, TSS booty resistance bands, sliders, a pilates ball, and ankle weights! 

Our full-body and sculpt workouts focus on comprehensive exercises designed to strengthen, tone, and sculpt every major muscle group in your body. From your glutes to your arms, legs, and core, this type of workout targets all areas to improve your fitness level, enhance muscle definition, and boost your overall strength. 

By incorporating a variety of exercises, including body weight, resistance training, and core workouts, our full-body sculpt workout programs ensure a balanced approach to working out that engages the entire body.

Each of our programs has all the resources you’ll need to get started, so all you need to do is show up for yourself. Once you’re in the TSS app, and you choose which personalized workout program you want to begin with based on your experience level, you’ll find a “Start Here” video in the dropdown menu. Founder Megan Roup will walk you through what to expect from the program. Additionally, you’ll find a 4-week or 8-week program calendar that outlines all of your workouts and rest days for the duration of the program. 

Throughout the program, we will make sure to walk you through every workout and help you focus on proper form to prevent any injuries. If you’re not sure where to start on your fitness journey, our beginner workout plan is perfect for teaching you all about proper form and technique.

Absolutely! Full-body workouts are highly effective for those looking to improve their fitness level, build strength, and boost their confidence. By targeting multiple muscle groups in a single session, these workouts offer a time-efficient way to exercise and promote balanced muscle development. Whether you're using body weight, engaging in dance cardio, or focusing on core strength, full-body workouts can adapt to your current fitness level and goals, making them a great option for anyone, regardless of where they are in their fitness journey.