Slow + Controlled Program

Slow + Controlled Program

About the Program

The TSS Slow + Controlled Program is a low-impact workout program that brings focus and control into every movement. Experience all the spiciness that you'd find in a signature TSS class but at a slowed down, more approachable pace. This program puts a healthy emphasis on perfecting your form and technique so you feel comfortable and successful learning new exercises that will create a long, lean, strong body. We provide helpful direction and step-by-step instructions to ease you into full body sculpt workouts, making them fun, simple, and easy to follow.

In this program, you'll follow a four-week guided calendar of effective, results-driven workouts with targeted sequences for your arms, booty, legs and abs. While this program is perfect for those new to the TSS Method or new to low-impact sculpting, even the most advanced member will find benefits in this program because slower doesn't mean easier! Simply add an ankle weight and heavier resistance to turn things up a notch. 

At TSS, we believe exercise should be empowering, never intimidating, and you should leave your workout feeling STRONG and confident. 

What to Expect

The guided calendar will provide you with the class to do each day of the week in an effort to take the guesswork out of your day and to give you the structure you are looking for in a fitness program. You'll be recommended 5 days of movement with 2 rest days throughout the week, with classes ranging from 5-25 minutes in length. 

All of the workouts in this program can be done without equipment so you can keep your focus on controlled movement, however, if you are ready to turn things up a notch you can add 1-3lb hand weights, TSS booty bands, and an ankle weight to make your workout a little bit more spicy!

All of the equipment can be found on the TSS online store here

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