My Postpartum Journey

No one really talks about what postpartum looks like. While the experience is different for everyone, for me, it’s been filled with a lot of ups and downs – and I think it’s important to share that.


As a society, I think we place a lot of pressure around this notion of “bouncing back.” What I’m learning is that postpartum recovery is (and should be) a long process. My body can’t yet do the things it was used to doing pre-pregnancy and truthfully, this has been frustrating for me – but I am constantly working on fixing my internal dialogue with myself, treating myself with compassion and kindness and reminding myself to be patient. 

What I’ve Been Doing

Prioritizing movement has been a big piece of getting back to feeling myself. While sometimes a 10 min workout is all I can fit in, I know that 10 mins is better than zero – not only physically but mentally. 

If you’re newly pregnant or postpartum, I recommend trying my new TSS Mama Program. The program is specifically designed to guide you from the very start of your pregnancy, all the way through your postpartum journey. It’s something that is so special to me because I filmed the majority of these videos while I was also pregnant (+ postpartum), which helped to give me such a unique perspective as I was/am still going through all the changes. If you’re not yet a member of The Sculpt Society, you can try the program by starting your 7 day free trial here. 

What I’ve Been Wearing

A Pea in the Pod has truly been my go-to brand throughout my entire maternity journey. 

As someone who’s always on the go, I pretty much live in leggings – and during my pregnancy, I was obsessed with their Brr° Triple Chill Cooling Maternity Leggings. They built brr°, their active wicking & rapid drying fabric made from cooling minerals, right into the belly panel – which, for someone like me who was always hot, was a game changer. 

Now that I’m postpartum, I find myself always grabbing their Post Pregnancy Leggings, which are specifically made for a post-baby belly. They're high-waisted and have a compression waist, which provides extra support to help with post-delivery recovery. 

I also love their #BeAMother Maternity Tee, which is part of their campaign that is all about celebrating motherhood and feeling good in your own skin. I’ll throw this tee on with their Pietro Pull Over Nursing Hoodie (which is SO convenient for nursing with its side zippers) and either their Seamless Clip Down Bra or their Seamless Racerback Bra and I’m good to go for the day. 

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