How to celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2021

For a lot of us Valentine’s day is going to look a little different this year! With reservations a little harder to come by, and may also require you to brave the cold, there are many ways to celebrate at home that can still make the holiday feel special.

Below are some of my favorite ideas to celebrate Valentine’s day at home!



Make Cooking at Home an Experience

Cooking at home is what most of us have been doing for the better part of the last year, so to make this a fun experience to do with your partner there’s a lot of services that will send you a prepared meal kit that will let you do all the fun parts of cooking without the hassle of tracking down the right recipes or grocery shopping.

 Goldbelly has a ton of gourmet meal kits from top-rated chefs all across the country! Truffle Shuffle also is doing a special Valentine’s day cooking class where they’ll send you all the ingredients and you’ll cook a special Surf & Turf dinner alongside their chefs.

Treat Yourselves to a Self Care Day

I feel like men sometimes miss out on the joy of a really good self-care day. Get the day started with a couple’s workout or taking a hike to a beautiful lookout and then plan for a day of relaxation. Morgan and I went to X in New York last weekend and loved our experience there getting messages and relaxing in the steam rooms. 

If you’re looking to keep the spa-day at home pick up some candles, face and hair masks, salts to recreate the spa experience at home.

To make it feel like a true stay-cation I love these Brooklinen waffle robes that will make you feel like you’re in a hotel! Finish out the night by ordering in your favorite meal and watching your favorite movies. 

Celebrating at a Distance

Morgan and I were long-distance for a year while we were dating when he was living in Philly and I was still in New York, so my heart goes out to all of those doing a long-distance Valentine’s day! 

For anyone organizing a virtual valentines day DoorDash makes it really easy to send meals to someone in a different city or state through their gifting options! You can include a note and make sure your food will arrive at the same time so you can enjoy it over zoom! 

You can also play games like We’re Not Really Strangers or Let’s F*cking Date that are designed to deepen your relationship. 


Shop My Valentine’s Day Wishlist

Pink Bubble Cardigan

This pink sweater is so cute, I love cardigans like this that you can just throw on top of anything and look a bit more put together. 

Calvin Klein Pink Cotton Bralette

Bralettes > Bras. Especially working from home all day, this is my go-to to feel comfy but supported all day!

Small Round Hoop Earrings in Rose Gold

These are such a great amazon find! I love that these are less $15 but they’re 14K gold plated so they wont irritate your ear if you’re sensitive to metal!

Brooklinen Waffle Robe

Finding the right robe is essential for your at home self care days or let's be honest, day-to-day life. I LIVE in my Brooklinen's 100% Turkish Cotton Waffle Robe. Not only is it lightweight, I love the style and texture, making it perfect post shower or around the house. 

Use code meganroup for $25 off orders over $100

Pink Asic Running Shoes

Coming from someone who can never have to many sneakers, these pink Asic’s are a must! I love the pop of color, and Asic’s have amazing foot and ankle support to do any sort of cardio workouts in!

SuperGoop Unseen Sunscreen

Some might be surprised to hear that part of my self care routine is using Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen everyday. Just like moving my body everyday is a daily practice, so is SPF. Putting on Supergoop! every morning is a nonnegotiable, because I know that it's the most important step in my skin care routine.

I specifically love their Unseen Sunscreen because it doesn't feel like your traditional sunscreen. It’s a clear primer with SPF 40, completely weightless, invisible, minimizes pores and leaves a perfect foundation for makeup. The best part is it protects again UVA, UVB, Blue Light and IRA. It's so good I have my whole family using it and I know you will love it too. 

Pink Varley Half-Zip

I love the half zip look and I actually have this style sweater in a few different colors and I’m loving the pink for Valentine’s Day! 

Furry Cozy Open Toe House Shoes

If you haven’t seen this everywhere already yet, let me be the first to tell you that  you NEED these. These are so soft and comfy, truly the perfect house shoe. 

Finding the right robe is essential for your at home self care days or let's be honest, day to day life. I LIVE in my Brooklinen's 100% Turkish Cotton Waffle Robe. Not only is it lightweight, I love the style and texture, making it perfect post shower or around the house. 

1 Gallon Water Bottle with Straw

If you’ve seen my stories recently you’ve seen my 1 gallon water bottle featured a few times since I just got it a few weeks ago. I saw these all over Instagram and caved and bought one and let me tell you it lives up to the hype! I find myself motivated to finish the bottle each day and end up drinking so much more water than I did before.

Summer Fridays Butter Lip Balm

This lip balm is one of the best I’ve ever tried and is completely getting me through the dry New York winter right now. I can’t stand having chapped lips so I keep this with me at all times!

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