If you need that little extra motivation to stay on track, I have created a new 28-day at home workout challenge calendar just for you! 

I’ve officially launched a new 28-day at home fitness challenge calendar to help keep you organized, accountable and motivated! This calendar gives you workouts for an entire month with a different focus each week to keep things spicy.

This at home fitness challenge by The Sculpt Society includes dance cardio, quickies, sculpting and meditation all scheduled out appropriately throughout each day of the week to give you the most effective exercises for full body wellness. Come join the TSS Community and workout at home by yourself, or with your girlfriends, and feel empowered inside and out.

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  • Hi! I just subscribed to Sculpt Society and did my first dance video (in years!) I’m Exhilarated, Exhausted & Excited (the 3 E’s)! I’m also 65 years young and love, love being able to challenge myself mentally and physically. Thank you!!!

    Cheryl P Ravich on
  • Obsessed with this idea. Brilliant! Can’t wait to implement.

    Jennifer R on

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