How Moms and Daughters Bond Through TSS


How Moms and Daughters Bond Through TSS

By The Sculpt Society

Hi, TSS Fam member Whitney here! There's something truly magical about sharing experiences with loved ones. Whether it's a family vacation, a holiday tradition, or simply a movie night, these moments create memories that last a lifetime. But have you ever considered the power of bonding through fitness? Today, we're diving into the heartwarming story of how my mom and I discovered a new way to connect and strengthen our relationship through The Sculpt Society.

Our Story

After a few years of sweating it out with TSS, I had an idea. My mom kept mentioning that she wanted to get back into shape but struggled to find a workout that she enjoyed. She had tried everything from pilates to spinning classes, but nothing seemed to stick. So I thought, "Why not share TSS with Mom?" After all, fitness could be more fun together. Let’s just say it took awhile for my mom to get started. She loved the idea of getting fit but was worried she wouldn't be able to keep up with the workouts. I reassured her, explaining how TSS is designed for all fitness levels and can be done at your own pace. Plus, I told her how we could easily begin with the shorter quickie workouts and gradually build up stamina! My mom eventually agreed to actually give it a try, and we even did her first class together.

The first class was, in a word, hilarious. We set up in the living room, pushed the coffee table aside, and pulled up a beginner quickie dance cardio class. The music started, and soon we were laughing and tripping over our feet, trying to follow the moves. It wasn’t perfect, but it was fun. Together, my mom and I found ourselves giggling and cheering for each other the whole way. What started as a once-a-week experiment quickly turned into a regular routine. We began scheduling our TSS workouts multiple times a week, even encouraging my brothers to join in when they were around. My mom has fallen in love with the variety of classes available, but finds the slow + controlled beginner classes perfect for her level.

Tips For Moms and Daughters

If you're thinking about starting a fitness journey with your mom or daughter, here are a few tips from me and my mom:

  1. Start Slow: Choose beginner-friendly classes and gradually increase the intensity.
  2. Be Patient: It's okay to mess up or miss a workout. The goal is to have fun and stay active together.
  3. Stay Consistent: Schedule regular workout times and stick to them as much as possible.
  4. Celebrate Small Wins: Every completed workout is an achievement worth celebrating.
  5. Join the Community: Engage with others in the TSS community on Facebook for extra motivation and support.

*JUST IN* Perfect For New Moms: TSS x Solly Baby

New for 2024 is a collaboration with TSS-favorite brand: Solly Baby! TSS just added 10 brand-new classes within our TSS Mama Postpartum Program that you can do with baby wrapped against your chest. Even better, you can match with Megan thanks to the Megan Roup-designed Solly Baby Wrap. The wrap features an exclusive new print, Bloom. With the design nodding to the LA-based mama of two’s dance background (hello, ballet pink!) and South African heritage (that tonal protea flower).


For me and my mom, The Sculpt Society has become more than just a fitness platform; it's a source of joy, laughter, and a stronger bond. We’ve learned that fitness is not just about physical health but also about connecting with loved ones and creating cherished memories. So why not grab your mom, daughter, or any loved one, and start your own TSS journey? Who knows, it might just be the beginning of a beautiful new chapter in your relationship.

xx Whitney

How Moms and Daughters Bond Through TSS

How Moms and Daughters Bond Through TSS

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