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Hi TSSFam, my name is Whitney and I am the marketing intern here at The Sculpt Society. I’ve been a TSS member for a little over 2 years now and I truly love everything about it. To challenge myself this summer, I decided to commit to doing 30 days of TSS, and now that it’s complete, I want to share a little about my journey with you.

Why TSS?

I’ve always been active and growing up a dancer, I knew from the get-go that TSS was something I was interested in trying. I joined during the height of the pandemic in 2020—I fell in love with the fact that I could fit in a class anytime, anywhere, which was a lifesaver as a busy college student. Fast forward and here I am, post-grad working on team TSS. 

Earlier this summer, I felt my workout routine becoming a bit monotonous. I would go for long walks daily and do TSS a few days a week, but I felt like I was gravitating towards the same classes over and over again. I still enjoyed what I was doing, but I wasn’t getting the same serotonin boost I did previously, after finishing some stacked Quickies, or a 45 minute Full Body. I was craving something spicier, something new, and wanted to have fun while doing that. To reinvigorate my love for movement, I decided it was time to give myself a goal.


As a dedicated member of TSS, I knew I would want all the bells and whistles when it came to equipment. My first step was, of course, the TSS Shop. Making sure to stock up on hand weights, sliders, and booty bands, I was ready to begin my 30 days. 

However, as a bit of a shopaholic, I also knew I would want to look the part. What better motivation for working out than some new fits? Given that it’s summertime, I knew I would be bringing my TSS outside, and therefore went ahead and purchased the sports bra, hat, + cropped sweatshirt (for those chilly morning workouts).  

The Process

I know it sounds intense. You’re probably thinking 30 days of working out, non-stop, minimal rest, however, that was not my intention. Instead, I chose to focus on Megan’s mantra of committing to less so I could show up more. Historically, I’ve fallen into the trap of over-exercising, exhausting my body, and reaching points of burn out. My motivation for working out was completely driven by aesthetics and a desire to obtain the “perfect” body. This time around, I wanted to commit to all 30 days to challenge myself out of this mindset and re-frame my inner dialogue.

When deciding on a schedule, I debated between participating in the TSS Advanced Program or following my own path. Ultimately, I wanted to take control of my 30 days and settled on planning out the schedule myself. At the start of each week I sat down with my planner, looked at any events or dinners I had, and scheduled dedicated time for TSS each day. Every week looked different, but I made sure to take at least two recovery days per week and I went on long walks with my dog daily.

Schedule For The Week of August 8th:

Monday - 45min full body

Tuesday - 9min quickie abs 07 + 10min stretch

Wednesday - 30min dance cardio 13 + 7min quickie back

Thursday - 31min yoga to sweat + 13min guided emotions meditation #2

Friday - 16min quickie full body 18 + 10min quickie legs 17 + 7min plank abs 20

Saturday - 25min full body 08 + 11min dance cardio 06

Sunday - 22min yoga sculpt w/ wrist weights + 10min stretch


Initially, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to stay dedicated to completing all 30 days. However, once I fell into the routine of mapping out how each workout would fit into my day, it felt odd if I didn’t log into TSS daily. I truly looked forward to it each and every day. Rather than seeing my daily workouts as a chore and focusing on high intensity over everything, my mindset shifted. I realized that it’s ok to slow things down or dedicate less than an hour to working out. It’s more about getting in the movement that makes me feel good, even if it’s only 10 minutes. 

My advice for anyone looking to commit to TSS for 30 days is to pace yourself. Listen to your body, take rest days when you need to, diversify the classes you take, and show up for yourself. Prioritize participating in movement to make you feel happy, healthy, and confident. For me, this challenge is the break I needed in my fitness routine to grow beyond superficial reasoning and instead put my feelings and emotions at the forefront of my motivation.

Looking For Guidance?

If you would like more guidance feel free to check out our 30 day programs that come with printable guided calendars! Whether you prefer quickies, longer workouts, sculpt only, or lots of dance cardio, there's something for everyone.

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