11 Black-Owned Activewear Brands I Love + Meet the BIPOC Voices of TSS

In honor of Black History Month, I wanted to highlight some amazing black-owned activewear brands that are really making a difference in their communities and in the wellness industry. TSS supports and loves black owned businesses, especially those in the fitness world who are also out there promoting the positive message of women empowerment. These brands do just that and so much more, so let’s all celebrate together. They each have incredible stories and their own unique styles, so I encourage you to click through to learn more about the brands and the inspiring people behind them!

Additionally, many of you may already recognize Traci Copeland and Ameerah Omar from The Sculpt Society App. Traci leads many of our yoga classes, and Ameerah leads our guided meditation series. They’re both incredible women who I’m proud to work with and in honor of celebrating black voices, I thought it would be fun to get to know a little more about them in a fun Q+A series! Scroll down to learn more about how these ladies practice self-care, stay motivated, and much more!




Traci Copeland

Certified Yoga & HIIT Coach, Certified Nike Master Trainer and Professional Dancer

What’s your favorite wellness trend?

Acai bowls . I always have my best days and workouts after eating one . I hope this trend never ends.  In terms of workouts I like Peloton and what they are doing. Even my parents know what it is and think it’s cool 😎. 

What are your favorite ways to practice self care? 

Workout at least 5 days a week. Drink coffee, glass of wine at night, and stay in touch with friends 

How do you recharge? 

Reading and listening to Latin Jazz music

What inspires you?

 Artists who are passionate about what they do. Lately my guitar teacher & anyone else who can play an instrument 

What advice would you give your younger self? 

Start earlier and save more 

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

 Run your own race 

 What’s the last good book you read? 

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

How do you stay motivated?

 Sometimes I pray & and ask for help because I know I can’t do it alone

How do you stay positive?

 Friends and Family help. Or pray. 

What’s your favorite podcast? 

Oprah supersoul conversations

Ameerah Omar

Certified Self Development and Mindset Coach, Certified Meditation Teacher & Runner

What are your favorite ways to practice self care?

 Daily affirmations! If you don't believe in yourself, no one else will.

How do you recharge?

Actual rest. I know it sounds like a no brainer, but Rest is Radical, especially for Black and Brown bodies. So I don't mean resting by not doing work, I mean resting by not doing anything. 

What advice would you give your younger self?

To always stand in the light and to stay curious!

How do you stay positive? 

By acknowledging when my mind goes negative (because no one is exempt) and asking myself how that thought serves my best self. I also embrace a practice of gratitude that helps me to reframe each moment as a gift. 

Shop These Black-Owned Activewear Brands

CultureFit Clothing

I love this brand’s bright colors and bold prints! I always think dressing up in something cheerful to workout in always helps me get motivated to get moving! The West African prints are meant to celebrate culture, not just the culture of West Africa but of all the cultures in the world.


We’ve all been living in loungewear for this past year, and this brand has sets and pieces that look put together enough to take you from the couch the grocery store without looking like you’ve stepped out in your pajamas. The founders, Yema Khalif and Hawi Awash also have an incredible story and purpose behind the brand. They donate 20% of everything you purchase on their website directly to orphaned kids in Ethiopia and Kibera slums in Kenya. 


Glamourina Activewear

Founders Kia Phillips and Nekol Gaskins set out to create a line of clothing for socially conscious women and working mothers. They also noticed that they didn’t see a lot of women that looked like them in the activewear market and wanted to bring their designs that would represent their culture and heritage. They have a great range of products from bright colorful designs to solid color classics, so there’s truly something for everyone.

PRU Apparel

PRU stands for Power, Representation, and Unity, which is exactly what this brand encapsulates. PRU uses culturally inspired prints to create their chic activewear that celebrates culture and heritage. Their line features so many different sets and styles, I love their bodysuit and biker shorts.

DAMIHOW Activewear

This brand is so chic, I love their sleek styles and sculpt line! The brand’s mission is to encourage everyone to feel great through fitness without having to compromise on style. 

Tranzfit Apparel 

This brand does a great job of blending athleisure and fitness wear and creating cute styles that you can wear at the gym or running errands! The name “Tranzfit” was created by the mission of producing clothing that transcends from the gym atmosphere to functioning in your daily routines and favorite leisure activities. Their best selling kaleidoscope shorts will be perfect when the weather starts to warm up! 

Vertical activewear

What can I say, I’m obsessed! Vertical Activewear has so many cool pieces, like their Hail Yea Bra (above), Never Sweat it Romper, and other classics with stylish twists. They also use a fabric made out of recycled water bottles in an effort to cut down the environmental impact fast fashion can have,

EleVen by Venus Willaims

This activewear line was founded by Venus Williams, the seven-time Grand Slam Singles champion. Their mission is to give women quality activewear to feel great and perform better in. It’s both fashion forward and has much more than just tennis wear! I’m loving their windbreaker, and twisted crop top (above)!

Digital Kenteshop

The prints of Digital Kenteshop are created to remind the wearer of cultures they’ve visited, cultures they belong to, or cultures they want to experience. Every new print is created to be a celebration of color and culture. They’re also having a sale on a lot of their most popular items right now!

Farever Art

Founder Faver Collins is a watercolor artist and barre instructor who wanted to combine her two worlds. She considers herself an empath and paints using her emotions. By combining her two creative outlets she launched her own line of activewear using her own art as the fabric! These pieces are so beautiful, this is truly functional art!

Zoezi Sport

I seriously want every piece from this brand. Founder ,Yvonne Bulimo, is proudly Kenyan born and American raised. After embarking on her own fitness journey, she noticed she couldn’t find brands that connected with her in Kenya, and didn’t see herself reflected in the styles she was seeing in bigger brands. She created ZOEZI to inspire women to feel good and look good while working out in order to be more motivated to stay fit. 

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