TSS Fam Week In My Life: College Edition

My name is Chloe Butler, and I am a senior public relations student at Penn State University. I plan on moving to New York City post-grad and working in beauty PR. I am from Syracuse, NY, and have always loved all things health, wellness, and fitness. I love yoga, Pilates, spending time with friends, and walking. 

With a busy college schedule, it can be difficult to maintain a solid health and wellness routine with schoolwork, jobs, and social obligations. Trust me, I have tried every workout app or class in the book and thank goodness I have had the opportunity to work with The Sculpt Society this semester and take the variety of amazing classes on the platform.

My TSS Journey

I began my journey with TSS in January, and it has been truly transformative to my strength and has fit well with my busy schedule. With working a job at a yoga studio, being a leader in my sorority, and just general schoolwork, it can be so hard to make time for exercise. However, I have made a routine of fitting it into my everyday life no matter my schedule. I am very much a morning workout person, so I prioritize getting movement in first thing when I wake up. If I have an early class or meeting, I will set up my workout mat and TSS equipment in my bedroom and do either a 30-minute sculpt, or a couple of Quickie classes combined. Though it doesn’t take a long time, wow am I sore, especially after the Quickie booty classes. If I have a little more time in the morning, I will do dance cardio paired with a Quickie class. Alternatively, I will go to the gym and walk on the treadmill and finish with Quickie abs (my favorite). Besides TSS, I will do hot yoga at the studio I work and try to make time for walks every week with friends.


After a couple of months of using TSS, I do see a difference. I am so much more energetic going forward with my days and feel stronger than I have in a while. I love introducing it to my friends and family as well. My roommates and I will sometimes put my laptop in our living room and do dance cardio together and have the most fun.  TSS has been transformative in my love for exercise. I truly do love it and it makes me feel so positive and strong! 

Looking For Guidance?

If you would like more guidance when it comes to picking classes, feel free to check out our 30 day programs that come with printable guided calendars! Whether you prefer quickies, longer workouts, sculpt only, or lots of dance cardio, there's something for everyone.

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