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Want to tone and lengthen your body without overstraining it? 

Both pilates and sculpt classes, our most popular class format, offer low-impact workouts with high reps, light resistance, and a healthy dose of core work. But, understanding their key differences can help you choose the best option to improve your experience and results.

Sculpt workouts deliver the same conditioning and flexibility benefits of pilates for your arms, booty, and abs while also incorporating endurance and cardiovascular training for a more well-rounded workout.

Sculpt is designed for the whole body.

Sculpt is convenient and effective.

Sculpt is faster paced, providing a heart-pumping workout in under 30 minutes. Classes require only your bodyweight for resistance. Of course, you can always add in some optional equipment to turn up the spiciness.

Which one will help me reach my fitness goals?

Both pilates and our sculpt classes can provide effective workouts, but the best routine for you is the one that keeps you coming back. With both live classes and calendarized programs, an active and supportive community, and an app you can access from anywhere, TSS makes it easier to stick with your fitness goals.

“The Sculpt Society is great because it is like a low-impact, faster-paced pilates. I also love the quickie program because the classes are quick, efficient, and effective!”

- Bailey T.

“Wow, so spicy! I don’t know how you manage to always make workouts so hard yet so fun!”

- Shannon W.

“I love these workouts! Very challenging yet doable at the same time. I am loving my free trial!”

- Kati L.

“One of my favorite full body workouts! Dripping!!! Thank you Megan for impeccable instruction!”

- Nancy V.

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