How Long Does It Take To Develop A Habit? Planning For The New Year And New Habits With TSS


How Long Does It Take To Develop A Habit? Planning For The New Year And New Habits With TSS

By The Sculpt Society

As we enter 2024, many of us are ready to turn over a new leaf. The blank canvas of a new year offers us a chance to set intentions and embrace a positive mindset. You know the drill — eat healthier, hit the gym, finally learn to play that ukulele gathering dust in the corner. But there’s always one lingering question on our minds: How long will it take to turn these aspirations into habits? So grab your favorite cozy blanket and a cup of tea, because we’re going to dive into the world of habits together.

Setting the Scene: New Year, New Habits

It seems every January 1st, we’re suddenly making grand declarations about the transformative power of the coming year. The winter blues are beat and for a few days we are filled with a fervency to become a new version of ourselves. New Year's resolutions are as much a tradition as the countdown itself. But while enthusiasm is important — and contagious at this time of year — the process of turning resolutions into habits requires a bit of patience, consistency, and understanding.

The 21-Day Myth: Debunked

You may have heard the popular belief that it takes just 21 days to form a habit. Well, turns out, that might be more of a myth than a scientific fact. Past research conducted by the University College London suggests that the magic number might be closer to 66 days. That's a little over two months! So, toss that 21-day notion out the window and give yourself the time you truly need. The truth is, the duration of the habit formation process varies from person to person and depends on the complexity of the habit. If it hasn’t stuck by day 66, give yourself grace and keep at it; learning a new behavior is challenging, but not impossible. Don’t forget, TSS offers personalized workout programs for any and all levels of fitness, designed to keep you moving consistently for two months so you can build a habit and eventually throughout the entire year. If you’re not sure where to start, our Beginner Program is the perfect place where we will focus on building the fundamentals!

Why the Rush? Let's Enjoy the Journey

We live in a fast-paced world where instant results are celebrated. But as we begin a new year, let's ditch the notion of habit formation as a sprint and embrace it as a marathon. Whether you're aiming to squeeze in a short morning workout, read more books, or cultivate a daily gratitude practice, savor the process. Rome wasn't built in a day, and your habits won't be either. Enjoy the journey, celebrate small wins, and learn from setbacks.

Micro-Movements, Macro-Impact

It's easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new goal and want to conquer the world overnight. But setting realistic, achievable goals is the better path to success. Want to read more? Aim for 10 pages a day. Want to increase the spiciness of your Sculpt Society workouts? Begin by adding ankle weights, or try stacking on one more targeted short workout to your existing routine. Small victories pave the way for big results.

Stack Your Habits

Habit stacking is another approach to building new habits by linking them with existing ones. Start by identifying a current habit you already do regularly and then adding in a new behavior. For example, if you already have a habit of drinking a cup of coffee every morning, you could stack on a new habit of a five-minute meditation right after. By anchoring the new habit to an existing one, you create a naturally occurring cue, making the adoption of the new habit more seamless and effective.

Cue, Routine, Reward

Ever heard of the habit loop? It's a concept that involves a cue, a routine, and a reward. Afterall, our brains thrive on predictability, and establishing a routine can be a game-changer. Identify a trigger for your habit, create a routine around it, and reward yourself for sticking to it. It's like training your brain to crave the good stuff and will help you stay consistent with your habits.

Be Patient with Yourself

If you slip up or miss a day, don't throw in the towel. Acknowledge it, recalibrate, and celebrate the small victories. It's all part of the process. Remember that self-love and forgiveness go hand in hand with habit development.

TSS Fam Unite

Everything's better with a squad. Find your Sculpt Society accountability partner — someone who shares your goals and encourages your progress. Together, you'll see the results, and form so many memories along the way.

Remember, there's no one-size-fits-all timeline for habit formation. Start small, enjoy the journey, and surround yourself with the support you need. Here's to a year filled with growth, self-love, and the joy of cultivating habits that light up your life. All of us at TSS wish you a fantastic year ahead filled with new habits and endless possibilities!


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How Long Does It Take To Develop A Habit? Planning For The New Year And New Habits With TSS

How Long Does It Take To Develop A Habit? Planning For The New Year And New Habits With TSS

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