TSS Summer Essentials - 5 Ways We Survive A Heatwave

The temperature is rising and we’re feeling it. Surviving the heat takes patience and these sweaty summer days can be a lot to handle. However, we do have a few go-to summer essentials that help us bear the glaring temps and make the most out of our summers.

Self Tan for that Summer Glow

What better way to complete your pool day routine than by adding in a tan! Having that extra glow can be a major confidence boost and sometimes that’s all it takes to endure the heat. Our favorite tanning products are from Tan-Luxe, hands down. Most often, we reach for The Water because of all its skin-loving benefits like aloe vera, raspberry seed oil, and vitamins b, c, + e. Not only is it transparent tanning, but the ultrafine, lightweight mist is incredibly easy to apply, works on your entire body from head to toe, and develops in only 4-6 hours. If you want to glow like us shop the full site including The Water and get 30% OFF with code TSS30.


Drink Up!

Hydration is key. It can be hard to remember to stay hydrated when you’re out and about in the summertime but drinking water will help you withstand the heat. Our founder, Megan Roup, swears by this two liter glass water bottle that’s available on Amazon! She loves it because it’s convenient to take with her all day, has the option to use a straw, and a leak-proof top.

Water Bottle

Summer Swim

When we think about spending a day at the pool or laying out on the weekends catching some vitamin d, our number one essential is a swimsuit. Throwing on a cute and comfortable suit is an instant mood booster and helps us withstand the intense heat. We know you like your workouts spicy, so why not carry that energy over to your suit! Whether you prefer a two-piece or one-piece, it’s all about what makes you feel your best. This summer we’ve loved wearing high waisted bottoms and topping off our ‘fits with an easy skirt cover-up. Check out some of Megan’s favorites on her LTK page! Check out some of Megan’s favorites on her LTK page

Megan in a swimsuit

Sun Protection

Now that you’ve got a good glow going, you can’t forget to protect your skin. Sunscreen is an absolute summer must, but it doesn’t have to be boring! We love shopping for sunscreen at Supergoop because of their variety in products that can be used on both your body and face. Megan loves to use the Glow Screen as the final step in her morning skincare routine because of its dewy, glowy finish with a slight tint. To take your sun protection up a notch, add a hat! Our TSS hats are available in the shop, are the perfect outfit finisher, and we love to wear them for when we take our workouts outdoors. For more tips on taking your TSS outdoors, check out this blog post!

Pool Floats

The ultimate summer accessory for any day involving a pool/river/lake is an adorable floatie. We love all the fun colors and designs from Funboy and wanted to pick out a few of our favorites for you: float with the whole family thanks to this chic convertible kids float, tap into your angelic side with the angel wings float, or go for full relaxation on the rainbow chaise lounge. For the days when we spend hours outside, we love using the cooler connectors to keep our mocktails and cocktails easily accessible. PS, if you’re looking for some summer drink inspo check out this blog post for TSS-inspired drinks!

Funboy floatie

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