Navigating Postpartum Together: TSS x Solly Baby


Navigating Postpartum Together: TSS x Solly Baby

By The Sculpt Society

The Sculpt Society is here to help you move through all stages of life with confidence. We are strong believers in utilizing movement as medicine, and honoring your body through any changes life brings, postpartum especially. The TSS Mama Program is here to help you with that process as you navigate postpartum with us, one day at a time. We’ve taken the time to revamp our TSS Mama: Postpartum Program, and thanks to our friends at Solly Baby, there’s plenty of exclusive content just for you.

TSS x Solly Baby

New for 2024 is a collaboration with TSS-favorite brand: Solly Baby! We are adding 10 brand-new classes within our TSS Mama Postpartum Program that you can do with baby wrapped against your chest. Even better, you can match with Megan thanks to the Megan Roup-designed Solly Baby Wrap. The wrap features an exclusive new print, Bloom. With the design nodding to the LA-based mama of two’s dance background (hello, ballet pink!) and South African heritage (that tonal protea flower).


Benefits of Babywearing

  • Promotes bonding - It’s one of the best and easiest ways to promote bonding with your baby. It supports the baby and mother's biological need to be together.
  • Calms gas and acid reflux - It helps to calm even the fussiest babies, especially those with reflux or gas. A pediatric study found that wearing your infant 3 hours a day can reduce infant crying by up to 43%!
  • Helps reduce postpartum depression - It can help reduce postpartum depression and boost milk supply for nursing mamas.

TSS Mama: Postpartum Workout Plan

The Sculpt Society's Postpartum Workout Plan is here to guide you through the delicate postpartum phase, focusing on rebuilding your strength, reconnecting with your core, and supporting your mental health. Each week introduces new routines to gradually increase your physical activity, focusing on deep core strength, pelvic floor muscles, and overall fitness. Whether you're navigating the early weeks post-birth, dealing with diastasis recti, or simply looking to regain your fitness, our program is tailored to meet you where you are. With exercises selected by Megan and our postnatal exercise experts, you'll engage in the best postpartum exercises for a safe and effective recovery.

TSS Mama: Postpartum Pelvic Floor + Core Recovery Program

cThis 6-week program is tailored for the initial postpartum period right when you return from the hospital or whenever you’re ready to get started. This program can also be beneficial at any stage of life, as it focuses on gentle, controlled exercises aimed at reconnecting and strengthening the core and pelvic floor. These exercises will help to address diastasis recti, prolapse, incontinence, back pain, and more. Once the Postpartum Pelvic Floor + Core Recovery Program is complete, we recommend moving on to the Postpartum Program to begin slowly introducing more physical activity.

TSS Mama: Postpartum Program

This 6-week Postpartum Program is designed to accommodate the unpredictable nature of life with a new baby, offering the flexibility you need to start gradually returning to physical activity after pregnancy. Once your doctor has cleared you to exercise (usually around 6-8 weeks postpartum), the Postpartum Program will aid in rebuilding your strength and easing you back into your regular fitness routine week-by-week.  Our amazing founder and trainer, Megan Roup, created and filmed this program during her own postpartum journey. Megan will act as a partner and friend as her changing body and recovery process mirrors the experiences that new mamas will undergo throughout each week of this program.

As a society, we place a lot of pressure around this notion of “bouncing back.” However, postpartum recovery is (and should be) a long process. Your body can’t yet do the things it was used to doing pre-pregnancy and truthfully, it can be frustrating – but trying to work on fixing your internal dialogue, treating yourself with compassion and kindness and reminding yourself to be patient can make the biggest difference. To help you get started with movement postpartum, try the TSS Mama Program today.

Still Looking For More?

Check out Megan’s Amazon Storefront and her LTK Page for even more ideas!

Navigating Postpartum Together: TSS x Solly Baby

Navigating Postpartum Together: TSS x Solly Baby

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