Work Out Like a Girl: Making Female Strength Your Superpower


Work Out Like a Girl: Making Female Strength Your Superpower

By The Sculpt Society

Our favorite kinds of workouts are more than skin deep—they help us feel stronger, more joyful, and more in touch with what makes us feel good. This is your guide to fitness that makes you feel empowered and confident, inside and out. We’re redefining what it means to be strong women with customized workouts designed for your body’s unique needs. These classes will challenge you, release stress, and leave you feeling ready for more.

Unleashing Your Inner and Outer Power

Let's face it, traditional workouts often treat us like one-size-fits-all people. Real talk? We’re all unique and it’s time our workouts reflected that. Embrace a fitness routine that goes beyond the surface, nurturing both inner and outer strength. Lately we’ve been leaning into the winter vibes and doing cozy sculpts! What better way to embrace our feelings than by starting every day with some movement in your pj’s? Created by TSS founder, Megan Roup, cozy sculpt combines the best of both worlds: comfort and effectiveness. It’s all about taking Megan’s low-impact high-results training method, and pairing it with your pajamas; because why make working out more complicated than it needs to be?

Customizing Your Fitness Journey

So, where to begin? Think of your fitness journey as a highly personalized choose-your-own adventure. Picture workouts that cater to your strengths and challenges, adapting as you evolve. At TSS, we created the Personalized Workout Finder Quiz to give you that information right at your fingertips. Take the quiz—and find out the classes we recommend specifically for you!

Sync Your Workouts to Your Cycle

Our popular Sculpt + Sync Program is all about listening to your body. This program focuses on developing a deeper understanding of hormonal patterns to help with everything from managing period and PMS symptoms, to reducing stress, getting better sleep, and making workouts more effective. Lean into your body’s changing energy levels and choose different workouts that best match up with the different phases of your cycle. By making choices that align with your body’s natural rhythm, you’ll feel healthier, happier, and stronger all month long. Feel more in tune with your body with specific workouts tailored to each phase of your menstrual cycle.

Workouts for Every Stage of Life

At The Sculpt Society, we understand that every woman's journey is an individual one, and so are the stages of life we navigate. That’s why we think it’s so valuable to provide specialized fitness programs for various life stages. Whether you're syncing your workouts with your monthly cycle, preparing for your wedding day, expecting a little one, or embracing the postpartum phase, TSS has you covered.

For Brides: Feel Your Best on Your Big Day

Experience results in just 8 weeks with our wedding workout plan that incorporates low-impact workouts to sculpt your upper body, legs, booty, abs, plus optional dance cardio classes. This program is designed to help you achieve your fitness goals and feel stronger, more confident, and prepared for the big day (ps, congrats bride!) Share with future brides, workout as a group of bridesmaids, and experience your confidence grow as you get powerful from the inside, out. 

Not ready to commit to the full TSS membership? You can also rent this program specifically.

Prenatal Workouts: Nurturing Mamas-To-Be

Our TSS Mama program includes prenatal workouts for all three trimesters. Carefully curated with safe exercises broken down week by week, these workouts will guide you through your entire pregnancy. Designed to provide pregnant women with a balanced mix of low-impact workouts, stretching, breathing, and meditation—all keeping you within healthy levels of physical activity. Strengthen your core and pelvic floor muscles with us, and enjoy a safe, fit, and healthy pregnancy journey. You got this, mamas.

Postpartum Revitalization

The postpartum period is a time of renewal and rediscovery, reconnecting with your body and taking the time to care for yourself, too. Our Postpartum Program features two sections: Pelvic Floor + Core Recovery and Postpartum. The first half of the program focuses on helping you reconnect to your core muscles and pelvic floor after delivery. These six weeks of classes are designed for your early postpartum period, or when dealing with diastasis recti. Once you've been cleared to work out by your doctor—and you've completed the Postpartum Pelvic Floor + Core Recovery Program—start the Postpartum Program, to safely rebuild your strength and transition back to your regular exercise routine.

As women, it’s time to own our strength and redefine what it means to "work out like a girl." Celebrate your fitness journey, listen to your body, and make your personalized workout routine a manifestation of your inner and outer power. Remember, you're not just working out; you're embracing a lifestyle that celebrates the extraordinary strength of being a woman. Let's break the mold, redefine strength, and work out like the amazing, powerful women we are! 💪✨

Still Looking For More?

Check out Megan’s Amazon Storefront and her LTK Page for even more ideas!

Work Out Like a Girl: Making Female Strength Your Superpower

Work Out Like a Girl: Making Female Strength Your Superpower

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