Navigating Hormonal Imbalance with Veracity


Navigating Hormonal Imbalance with Veracity

By The Sculpt Society

Do you ever feel like your hormones are throwing a wild party inside you, and you're just the reluctant host? If you're nodding your head in agreement, you're not alone. Hormonal imbalances can indeed be a tumultuous rollercoaster, wielding influence over facets of your life as diverse as your emotional temperament to your vitality levels. Listening to your body and developing a deeper understanding of hormonal patterns can help with everything from managing period and PMS symptoms to reducing stress, getting better sleep, and making workouts more effective. 

Understanding the Hormonal Tango

Before we get into the exciting stuff, let's break down what hormonal imbalances are all about. Our bodies are incredible, but they're also incredibly complex. Hormones are like the conductors of a symphony, orchestrating various bodily functions. But sometimes, these hormones get a bit unruly. Factors such as stress and dietary choices can trigger discord, leaving indelible imprints on both our physical and emotional well-being. Stress, diet, and other factors can lead to hormone havoc that manifests itself as mood swings, fatigue, and more.

Meet Veracity: Your Hormonal Bestie

95% of skin concerns are related to hormone imbalances.
Veracity takes a holistic approach, treating the symptom
and targeting the root cause with clinically-proven skincare and supplements. The Hormone Wellness Test enables clients to get a science-backed, comprehensive look at what’s going on inside the body, for optimal full body results.

The brand’s veritable hallmark is endocrine disruptor chemical (EDC) free skincare – assuring you that you are treating your body (and hormones!) with the utmost care and respect. All formulas are  pregnancy and breastfeeding safe. Veracity’s clean formulation standards are  rooted in scientific research, validated by a world-class medical team, and results driven without compromising your health. Use code TSS20 for 20% off your Veracity order!


Harnessing the Power of Cycle Syncing Workouts

Lean into your body’s changing energy levels and choose workouts to align with the different phases of your cycle. During menstruation, a time of reset and renewal, we recommend low-intensity workouts and gentle movement, like our slow + controlled beginner workout plan and yoga classes. As you enter the follicular phase, estrogen levels rise and you’ll naturally start feeling more energetic—ideal for pushing yourself to choose full body sculpt and dance cardio workouts. When you reach ovulation, your energy levels may fluctuate, pay attention to your body and stack quickies for a fully customizable workout. In your luteal phase, energy levels can decrease again, so opt for low impact workouts like our sculpt classes. By making choices that align with your body’s natural rhythm, you’ll feel healthier, happier, and stronger all month long. 

Eating Your Way to Hormonal Bliss

Exercise, while pivotal, is but one facet of the intricate mosaic of hormonal equilibrium. There is no magic diet, but Veracity’s medical advisor Dr. Gabrielle Francis recommends to 

  • Start the day right: Drink a nutrient-packed “magic smoothie” each morning
  • Hydration is key: Drink water and herbal tea all day long
  • Eat your veggies: Include a rainbow of fruits and veggies plus clean protein at every meal 

A Lifestyle That Says "Hormonal Harmony"

Hormonal equilibrium transcends mere supplements and workouts; it represents a way of life. Effective stress management, the embrace of quality sleep, and the cultivation of mindfulness practices all constitute integral elements of this holistic journey. Veracity ardently believes in the transformative potency of these lifestyle modifications and is prepared to illuminate your path towards their adoption.

  • Stress Alleviation: Uncover an arsenal of stress-alleviation techniques that can catalyze a profound metamorphosis in your daily existence
  • Restorative Sleep: Realize the pivotal role that restful slumber plays in preserving hormonal balance
  • Mindfulness: Embark on a voyage of exploration into the manifold ways in which mindfulness practices can engender serenity within both your psyche and your physique

Understanding the pivotal role hormones occupy in your existence empowers you to make wiser choices in your daily routines, product selections, and dietary habits. These simple alterations, though take time and dedication to implement, wield considerable influence.

From Allie, Founder of Veracity

Cycle syncing is such an important conversation to be having, because it gives us tools to live in harmony with our bodies and hormones and look and feel better every day of the month. Women have historically been forced into the 24 hour male cycle (also known as the circadian rhythm) where our bodies and routines were expected to start and stop with the rising and setting of the sun. Now that studies have proven women’s bodies are wired differently than men’s, we’re beginning to learn to adapt and change our lives around our infradian rhythm instead. 

What an awesome way to celebrate being a woman! My secret to cycle syncing is doing what I can, and focusing on recovery during the more energy intense luteal phase if I can’t match up my life perfectly. After years of dreading the pre-cycle breakout and period pain, through cycle syncing I finally don’t have to worry about feeling or looking bad for half the month.


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Navigating Hormonal Imbalance with Veracity

Navigating Hormonal Imbalance with Veracity

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