7 Hacks for Staying Consistent With Your Workouts

The Sculpt Society strives to make it easy and fun for women to prioritize movement in their lives. We know that even just 10 minutes of exercise a day can make a big impact on your physical and mental wellbeing. One of the most critical aspects of feeling good from movement, though, is consistency. Consistency is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We want to commit to less so we can show up more. 

It isn’t always easy to workout every day. We all have days where we have a jam packed schedule, the day gets away from us, or we simply just don’t want to workout. 


We know that it seems obvious, but it is so important to find a workout you look forward to doing. If you aren’t excited to do your workout, it will be much more difficult to follow through with it. Looking forward to and loving your workout will make it easier to stay consistent.


Lately, I’ve been trying something new - rewarding myself for movement! I recently discovered Paceline, which is this really cool wellness platform with a just-launched Paceline Visa Signature Card, which is powered by your workouts, doubling the amount of cash back you receive when you complete 150 minutes of exercise each week. With the Paceline Card, you can earn cash back for the things you’re already doing to stay motivated to workout and live a healthy lifestyle. You can earn up to to 5% cash back on purchases from health & wellness brands that help you stay healthy and active - like groceries from Trader Joe’s or cute workout clothes from Alo Yoga! You can learn more about Paceline here.


Community and connection are a big part of life and they extend to working out! Whether you find community through in-person workout classes, schedule time to workout with your bestie (either online or IRL!), or look to online communities to share your fitness journey with, finding workout buddies helps to hold us all accountable. Showing up for both your buddy and yourself makes it easier to get the workout done on days when you’re just not feeling it. Make sure to join our private, members-only Facebook Group to find your buddy!


I am a big fan of short workouts. On days where I really don’t feel like working out, I take a deep breath and tell myself that I can commit to just 10 minutes of movement. Every single time I do a 10 minute quickie, I feel so much better. I usually end up doing another quickie after that first one to get a bit of a longer session in, or feel energized enough to do a 30min class after that! I structure my quickie workouts to give you a quick, focused, and effective workout in a short amount of time. The Sculpt Society truly stands behind the idea that we can all commit to less and show up more.


It can be difficult to set aside time to workout once you’ve already started a busy day- things will always pop up! One thing that helps me to dedicate time to myself is to sit down at the start of the week and plan out my workouts. I highly encourage everyone to follow our weekly calendars, since it shows you exactly how long each workout will be each day. Then, I put each workout in my calendar so that I get a reminder and know I have the time set aside to move my body.


I am a big advocate for making things easy. I personally like to workout in the morning, so I set out my workout clothes the night before so I don’t have to think about picking an outfit first thing in the morning. I have friends that set out their mat, weights, and have their iced coffee ready to go in the fridge so that they don’t have to think about those things, too!


Even if we use all of these hacks to stay consistent, there are still going to be days where we just don’t have the energy to workout- and that’s okay! On these days, it is important to remember that movement doesn’t need to be a structured workout. Choosing to take a walk to grab a coffee, parking further away in the parking lot during your day of errands, and taking a break from work to do some stretching all help!

Have you been looking for a workout that helps you stay consistent toward your fitness goals? Start your FREE 7-day trial of The Sculpt Society and start implementing some of these hacks today!


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