5 Ways To Survive The Winter Blues

Feeling bogged down by the weather this winter? We have the solutions for you! Check out how we like to make staying in fun with our favorite at-home activities. 

1. Favorite Movie/TV Show

Imagine this: a chill wind is in the air, you’re bundled up inside with a chic sweat set, a few blankets around, but you’re stumped on what to do. Well, one of our favorite ways to be a winter homebody is by turning on our favorite movies or tv shows and having a nice binging sesh! Turn down the lights, make some popcorn, grab your favorite drink, and relax on the couch. If you’re looking for some ideas on what to watch, below is a list of Team TSS’s Go-To’s:


Drive To Survive 

Knives Out

Crazy Rich Asians

Great British Bake Off

Dead to Me

Emily In Paris

Love Island UK

movie collage

2. DIY Pizza Night

Get the oven going, because you’re about to chef it up! Turn on some Dean Martin That’s Amore, pour yourself a glass of wine, and engulf yourself in the process of a pizza night. Not only will the end result taste amazing, but you’ll also have the best time! If you want to be extra fancy, you can make the dough at home, but we like to buy the premade version from the grocery store. Then, think about allll the toppings you want to put on your pizzas. Tomato sauce? Pesto? White pie? It’s up to you, get creative! Below are some of our favorite toppings for at home pizza night:


Classic Margherita

Sausage, onion, garlic

Salami, cheese, and hot honey

3. Spa Day

Looking to spend your day in the ultimate state of relaxation? We have the answer for you: at-home spa! Whether you want to dedicate a whole day or a few hours to your spa day, do what works for you. To get the full experience we recommend preparing some food and drinks prior to the spa day. Maybe you want some mint and cucumber spa water at hand, or a curated selection of hot teas, or even some wine! Hit the grocery store the day before to stock up on all your spa beverages and snacks. Next, it’s time to beautify. Hit up Sephora or Ulta to grab some face masks, hair masks, body scrubs, oils, and any other beauty products you might want to spruce up your self care routine. You might even want to pick up a cozy new bathrobe and some fresh flowers for the full spa effect.

4. Game Night

If you want to get a little competitive or maybe a little nostalgic, then turn to game night! You can do anything from a 1,000 piece puzzle, to family monopoly, to Clue. Something fun we’ve done with friends if you’re all stuck at home is virtual bingo! Have everyone print out bingo cards, hop on a zoom link, designate one person to do the drawing, and you’ll be off and running. If you can’t find any board games, you can always try some good old fashioned card games! Create an at-home casino night where the drinks are flowing, the games are going, and everyone has a blast. We’ve linked a few of our favorites here for some extra inspiration:

Cards Against Humanity



5 Crowns (card game)


5. Create a Mood Board

Here at TSS we’re all about manifesting our dreams. Whether that be by endless pinning on Pinterest, scrolling through TikTok and saving videos for outfit inspo, or cutting out images from magazines to remind us of things we simply love to look at. What better way to put this to use than by creating your very own mood board! You can make your mood board about anything from home decor, to food, to fitness inspo, whatever your heart desires. If you want to make one on a poster board, print out any images or phrases that mean something to you and glue them on in a cute collage. If you want to make a digital mood board, try using Canva to make a collage of all your inspo images.

Funboy floatie

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