Upgraded App 101: Tips + Tricks


Upgraded App 101: Tips + Tricks

By The Sculpt Society

Upgraded App 101: Tips + Tricks

Upgraded App 101: Tips + Tricks

Posted by The Sculpt Society on

Upgraded App 101: Tips + Tricks

In honor of our 3rd birthday, we launched a new and improved app that incorporates the feedback and conversations we’ve had with members of the TSS community over the past few years. We’re constantly working to improve the experience for you, and we hope you love this new iteration that makes achieving your goals, staying accountable, and personalizing your fitness journey easier than ever. Welcome to your detailed explanation about the new customizable features available to you on our TSS App.


1. Download A Video For Offline Viewing

  • Traveling without access to WiFi? Download your favorite TSS workouts straight onto your mobile device to stream offline.

  • How To Use

    • Tap on the video you want to download 

    • Tap on the download cloud icon below the video

    • You will see a progress bar appear in place of this icon. Downloaded videos will appear in the Downloads section of the My Lists tab

    • To save space on your device, you can also adjust the default download quality

      •  To do this, go to the Profile tab and tap on Download Quality, then set this to your preference

2. Schedule Workouts In Your Calendar

  • Plan your workouts in advance and hold yourself accountable with the new scheduling feature on the TSS app. You’ll be able to see all of your upcoming and completed workouts in one place, making it easier than ever to track your progress. 

  • How To Use

    • Find the video you want to schedule and tap the “schedule” thumbnail on the right side video, or tap and hold the class and select Schedule. 

    • The calendar will appear and you can select the date and time you wish to schedule the workout for. Tap save to the top right to confirm, then tap the X to the top left to exit.

    • Scheduled videos will automatically send you a reminder 12 hours and 1 hour before the scheduled time. If a scheduled workout is not completed on the day, it will appear as “missed” in the calendar.

3. Use The Filter Tool

  • Our number one member-requested feature! Discover your favorite classes (or find something new!) quickly and easily with our new filtering tool.

    • To help you discover and easily find classes that fit your needs, you can use the filter tool on the “search” page to narrow down the library. You have the ability to filter classes by trainer, duration, exercises type, a focused area of the body, class type, equipment, and fitness level.

  • How To Use

    • Click the search page and select “filter” in the top right corner

    • Choose how you would like to filter

    • #TSSTip: for best results, use only a few filters at a time. Selecting too many filters may not give you the results you are looking for. Our best recommendation is to select your duration, trainer, equipment, exercise type, and either class type or focus area (not both)

4. Favorite A Workout

  • Customize a list of favorited workouts that you want to complete in the future or love coming back to by adding them to “My List”

  • How To Use

    • Tap on the "Add to" button within the video 

    • Select “My List” 

    • To view all saved workouts, tap the “My Lists” tab located on the bottom navigation bar, then tap “My List” again and your videos will appear

5. Create Your Own Playlist

  • Categorize your favorite workouts into personalized playlists for easy viewing, just like you would on YouTube. 

  • How To Use

    • Select the video you want to add to a custom playlist, 

    • Tap on "Add To" underneath the video title

    • Tap "Create Playlist" to add a new playlist, or select an existing playlist. 

    • Tap "Apply" at the top right.

    • Playlists do not mean a music playlist, and are instead a way for you to build a workout playlist of your own. 

    • #TSSTip: we like to create playlists based on difficulty, so we refer to workouts in our “Challenging” playlist on days we want to challenge ourselves, and “Gentle” on days we need to take it easy.

6. View Workout History

  • Want to see your progress? Completed workouts can be viewed on the calendar page. Please note, this functionality only tracks workouts completed through the app on your phone or tablet. If you take class on your computer or TV, we suggest opening the app on your phone, click into the class and manually mark it complete so it shows up in your workout history.

  • How To Use

    • Tap the calendar icon on the bottom navigation bar

    •  Tap the three lines to the top right of the calendar

    • OR 

    • View the "History" section which shows all completed workouts in list format. 

    • Classes will be marked as complete after 90% is watched, or you have the option to mark the class as completed on your own by tapping the “Complete” icon within the video.  


1. Homepage

  • What’s New, Start Here, Live Classes + Live Schedule, Daily Suggested Workouts, Programs

    • What’s New

      • Featuring any new videos that are posted weekly, and a rotation of recent programs, recent live videos, as well as some recommended areas to see like our What Do You Need Today collection

    • Start Here

      • In here you will find an intro video from Megan that explains more about TSS, answers to Frequently Asked Questions, Tips + Technique explanation videos, as well as our Personalized Workout Finder

    • Live Classes + Live Schedule

      • Click on the image of Megan and it will take you to a page displaying the schedule of live classes for the week as well as any live classes that are currently up on the app 

    • Daily Suggested Workouts

      • To help give you guidance, we’ve hand selected classes for each day of the week that you can choose to take if you so choose. If you’re stuck on what to do one day consider looking at what we have picked out

    • Programs

      • At the bottom of our homepage, you can access all of our programs. 

2. How Do I Find Programs?

    • In between classes and collections is the programs section

    • Once you click “Programs”  you will be redirected to a page that houses all of our guided programs

      • Navigational Breakdown

        • Programs are arranged top to bottom from Beginner to Advanced

        • Each program tab contains a guided calendar and workouts broken down day by day 

3. How Do I Find Classes?

  • In between home and programs is the classes section

  • Once you click “Classes” you will be redirected to a page that houses all of our videos broken down by class type

    • Navigational Breakdown (top to bottom)

      • New Video Of The Week - any recent classes to the TSS app

      • Live Classes + Live Schedule - the weekly schedule + any live classes that are able to be viewed

      • Signature Classes - Slow + Controlled, 30min Sculpt, 30min Full Body, 45-50min Full Body, 30min Dance Cardio, Stylized Dance, Stretch + Yoga, Meditation

      • Quickie Classes - Quickie Abs, Quickie Arms, Quickie Booty, Quickie Legs, Quickie Dance Cardio, Quickie Full Body, Quickie Back

      • Most Popular - most popular videos on the TSS app

      • Resources - Personalized Workout Finder, Tips + Techniques, FAQ’s, Refer a Friend

4. How Do I Find The Collections?

  • In between Programs and FAQs

  • Once you click “Collections” you will be redirected to a page that houses our curated TSS collections

5. How Do I Find The TSS Shop?

  • After the FAQs section

  • Click “TSS Shop” you will be redirected to our online shop

    • Here you can find any TSS merchandise such as equipment or clothing

6. How Do I Find The FAQs?

  • On the homepage under the "Start Here" section.

  • Refer back to this page if you are stuck in any way and please send any further questions to info@thesculptsociety.com

7. How Do I Screencast?

  • Click on the video you would like to watch

  • Locate the square icon in the top right corner

    • Click the icon and multiple viewing options will pop up at the bottom of your screen

    • For iPhone: if certain screens do not populate scroll to the bottom and click AirPlay to see additional options


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