Taking Care of Your Skin


Taking Care of Your Skin

By The Sculpt Society

An exclusive sneak peek into our second Wellness Wednesday chat between The Sculpt Society founder, Megan Roup, and the founder of Veracity, Ali Egan. They tackle an informative introduction, and break down the top three skincare concerns  most women are dealing with. From Veracity's Hormone Wellness Test to their skincare and supplements – they are dedicated to pioneering hormone-based wellness. Veracity's approach is rooted in scientific research, validated by a medical advisory team, and committed to hormone clean – because you deserve wellness solutions that address your whole health, without compromise. Veracity is giving the TSS Fam 20% off your entire first order! Use the code TSS20 at checkout to redeem. 


85% of women experience adult acne, and as people who work out a lot you are more susceptible to breakouts stemming from underlying inflammation, due to the mixture of excess sweat and exposure to bacteria through the use of equipment.This reaction manifests in breakouts, redness, sensitivity, or rosacea. It’s important to take a whole body approach with breakouts. Consider taking out some inflammatory foods like gluten or dairy, or consider focusing on what you can do rather than what you need to stop doing, which would be adding whole foods into your diet. Zinc is a really great ingredient for both inflammation and breakouts, which you can take in supplement form but you can also find it naturally in some fruits and vegetables and foods that are rich in antioxidants. Secondly, Veracity recommends starting with a clean base. Their Blemish Calming Cleanser is a great option for that and really helps fight the issue, but in a gentle, smooth, safe way that's not disrupting the whole microbiome and homeostasis of your body. 

Hyperpigmentation and Melasma

The reason a lot of women have hyperpigmentation and melasma is because of estrogen dominance. That doesn't always mean your estrogen is crazy high, but it means it is high relative to your other hormones like progesterone, which then creates a toxic load in your body. The two main things you can do for that is really take care of your gut, eat a lot of fiber, pre and post biotics like kimchi and kombucha, and then use a great antioxidant. Veracity’s Brightening Support C Serum is great because it’s powered by Ascorbyl Glucoside – the most stable, non-irritating, and easily absorbed form of Vitamin C. The silky gel formula is boosted by Garland Lily Extract, which protects skin from UV and blue light, and Hyaluronic Acid to deeply hydrate for radiant luminous skin. It also instantly gives you a glow that gets rid of that darkness and then overtime really helps to actually break up that melasma on your face.

Irritation and Sensitivity

Most women struggle with sensitivity because they aren’t thinking about what’s necessarily gentle and kind for our skin barrier. The number one irritant is fragrance because it can get super deep into pores and produce unnecessary irritation and inflammation. Veracity’s Bioevolve Moisturizer is perfect for all skin types, powered by biomimetic Ceramides and adaptogenic Cherimoya Extract to nourish and smooth skin, and designed to feed the skin like a daily topical vitamin that rebuilds the skin barrier. Holistically speaking, hydration is key as well as ensuring constant application of SPF every single day. If you can stay consistent with those two practices, your skin barrier will be better kept in a healthy, stable state.

Exclusive Discount! Veracity is giving the TSS Fam 20% off your entire first order! Use the code TSS20 at checkout to redeem. 


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Taking Care of Your Skin

Taking Care of Your Skin

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