My Journey With The Sculpt Society Mama Program


My Journey With The Sculpt Society Mama Program

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My Journey With The Sculpt Society Mama Program

My Journey With The Sculpt Society Mama Program

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Hear below about how impactful the TSS Mama Program has been for TSS Fam member Melissa!

It's been so fun to mark each new week of pregnancy with a new week of TSS by clicking into that week's workouts (and now to scroll back and see how many I've accomplished). I look forward to it each Tuesday (when my new week starts) and literally will run to my yoga mat after work to see what the new week of TSS has to offer. Mentally, it's also been really great for me to have this "me" time that is also good for me. And to not have to do a bunch of googling to figure out what's safe for my body, and how I can physically support and take care of my changing body.
Physically, I know every pregnancy is different, but I hugely attribute my (relative) comfort during pregnancy to TSS. I've had minimal pain and discomfort, and have been able to stay active the entire time. I thought I'd have to give up so much being pregnant in terms of movement, but I was able to hike in Arizona in my 3rd trimester, and I still hit my oura step count every single day. I 100% think this is because of TSS. 
It's also nice to see someone pregnant teaching the classes, and I love Megan's reminders that the classes will make me feel better. No matter how sluggish I feel I know that once I start, I will feel better after. (Honestly, this is always true of workouts in my opinion, but even moreso when pregnant). Megan's encouragement and reminders of this help me to keep up with it, even on rougher days of pregnancy! 
I've also being going to PT for some nerve pain, and they commented on how whatever workouts I'm doing on the side have been making a difference. I told them it's TSS!
xx Melissa
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