Get To Know Team TSS


Get To Know Team TSS

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Get To Know Team TSS

Get To Know Team TSS

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Get to know the team behind TSS! We’re a small but mighty group that loves spreading our passion for The Sculpt Society in everything we do. Read on to find out more about the people working behind the scenes…

Team TSS



Talia Senior Director, Retention

“TSS means being healthy and happy and having fun. It’s so nice to have quicker workouts to break up the day and get out of my head and back into my body in a healthy way that makes me smile.”

The marketing guru of TSS, Talia joined TSS as a customer and team member in March of this year. She recently re-located to Big Sky, Montana and loved bringing her TSS outdoors this summer!


Jordan Social Media Director

Moving your body to *feel* good in a way that is attainable for all is so aligned with my own values! I love that I can choose from a variety of videos because moving intuitively is important to me - no two days are different! The quickies have also made it easy for me as I navigate a new work schedule.” 

The content queen of TSS, Jordan handles all things social. She loves seeing all the TSS members who feel inspired to post about us, and is known to be an amazing content creator in her own right!


Nicole Senior Marketing Manager, CRM

“TSS represents shifting your mindset with exercise—viewing it as something fun and nourishing, rather than punishing. Even when your short on time, you can commit to 10 minutes and it can completely turn your day around.” 

Nicole handles all things retention, making sure TSS members continue to feel supported and encouraged throughout their fitness journey.


Morgan COO

“Have fun and enjoy the workouts.  Don't take yourself too seriously and the results will come.”

Also known as Megan’s Husband, Morgan is the ultimate boss and a frequent feature in TSS classes! He joined TSS full-time last year to help Megan bring her goals and ideas to life.



Niamh Senior Manager, Brand Marketing and Operations

“TSS is something I look forward to everyday, both from a work perspective and from a movement perspective. I started TSS in 2017 for the in-person classes in NYC!”

The OG Sculpt Society Team member, Niamh’s been around since the inception of TSS. She now works as the Senior Manager, Brand Marketing and Operations  and lives in Connecticut.



Whitney Marketing Coordinator

“To me, TSS is movement that makes me feel good. It’s more than a workout; it’s something I look forward to daily and I’ve gained so much confidence from both working at The Sculpt Society and taking classes. I’ll never forget when I started my free trial in December of 2019!”

A recent college graduate, Whitney started at TSS as an intern this summer and is now working full time as the Marketing Coordinator! She brings the Gen Z flair to TSS and we love her for it


Amaia Growth Marketing Manager

“TSS to me means empowering everyone to make wellness both accessible and a priority.” 

A California girl, Amaia brings infectious positivity and joy to TSS and is an absolute powerhouse growth marketer.


Zoe Director, B2B Partnerships

"TSS to me is my favorite way to feel strong and connected to my body. I've tried so many different fitness programs over the years, but TSS has truly had the biggest impact on both my body and mind! I find myself really excited and eager to get my workout in, because it's something I look forward to and have fun with!" 

Zoe makes the magic happen whenever we partner with any of our favorite brands. She's the cool PR girl and pours her heart and soul into growing TSS. 


Quickfire Questions

Favorite Classes? 


Niamh 42min full body 24

Jordan Abs on back and Dancing Arms

Whitney 49min full body 09

Talia  7min Quickie Back

Morgan 10 Min quickie legs 04

Nicole 30min full body 28 - daily drills!

Amaia  30 min full body

Zoe 30min full body or 30 min sculpt


Favorite Activewear Brand?

Whitney Alo, Nike, Lululemon

Jordan Paragon Fitwear, Set Active

Morgan Vuori

Amaia Alo

Niamh Varley

Zoe Athleta, Alo

Nicole Alo, Set Active

Talia Free People, Alo


Favorite Breakfast?

Jordan Bagel with lox and cream cheese

Amaia Avocado toast

Zoe Avocado Toast

Whitney BEC on an everything bagel

Talia Fried eggs + toast with hot sauce

Niamh Avocado toast with poached egg

Morgan Omelette french toast bacon

Nicole Chia pudding


Non-Negotiables in your Morning or Evening Routine?

Zoe Shower before bed, EltaMD sunscreen, and Starface acne patches

Nicole Magnesium before bed

Talia Coffee!

Niamh Washing my face

Morgan Outdoor walk in the morning 

Amaia Walking to get coffee bean

Jordan Skincare and reading before bed

Whitney Full skincare routine and outdoor walk in the morning


Coffee/Tea Order?

Amaia Ice vanilla latte with nonfat milk

Nicole Iced vanilla latte with oat milk

Whitney Cappuccino

Jordan Iced latte with 2% milk and monkfruit

Talia Vanilla latte or white mocha

Zoe Iced latte with oat milk

Niamh Hot green tea

Morgan Iced coffee with oat milk


Favorite Sneaker?

Talia Adidas

Amaia APL or New Balance

Nicole Hokas

Niamh APL Techloom Breeze

Morgan Lowtop Vintage Nike running sneakers

Zoe Asics or Nike

Jordan Converse, Adidas Cloud Foam

Whitney Asics, APL, or Nike


Favorite Way To Unwind?

Morgan A great movie

Amaia Watching TV

Whitney Walk outside

Niamh Watching anything on the food network

Talia Having a great playlist and hot tub

Jordan Sunset walk, bubble bath, and/or reading

Nicole Long walk, no phone!

Zoe Reading!



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