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Welcome to The Sculpt Society by Megan Roup! 
Are you currently looking for a fast or short full body workout routine? The Sculpt Society is the #1 Sculpt and Dance Cardio workout app with the perfect quickie workouts for those of you ladies with tight schedules! Our short workout videos include body sculpting, dance cardio, full body workouts and targeted area sessions for women, yoga, pre and post-natal workouts, meditation and stretching classes. The TSS Quickies are the short, easy, fun short workouts you’ve been waiting for. Take a Quickie session on your lunch break, outside at the park, or in your best friend’s living room!
Our workouts range from each of the following lengths and are focused on exercises with HIIT, sculpt, dance, core/abs, legs, arms, and booty exercises.
5-minute workouts 
7-minute workouts
10-minute workouts
15-minute workouts
20-minute workouts
22-minute workouts
30-minute workouts
In addition, we have multiple live workouts each week and our exciting library of fitness content is ever-growing with brand new workouts added each week! Our quickie workout classes combine low impact sculpting, specific body part focused exercises and easy to follow dance cardio for a fast, fun, and effective workout! If you’re still trying to find the right motivation to jumpstart your fitness routine, starting off with a short workout is your best bet! Give the TSS Quickie workouts a try!
We offer a 7-Day Free Trial for new users so you can test our quickie workout options out before fully committing! But trust me, it’s well worth the 10- or 15-minute session!
Our celebrity-loved workouts will help you create a long, lean, strong body. From beginner to advanced, the TSS method helps our members see and feel results at any fitness level.
Join the #TSSfam to find support in our amazing community and finally start having FUN while working out! 


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