TSS Travel Essentials: From Prep to Fly to Adventure

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TSS Travel Essentials: From Prep to Fly to Adventure

Megan Roup By Megan Roup

TSS Travel Essentials: From Prep to Fly to Adventure

TSS Travel Essentials: From Prep to Fly to Adventure

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TSS Travel Essentials: Prep, Fly, Adventure!

One of our favorite summer activities is travel, however we recognize that there are some aspects that can be stress-inducing. People often worry about how vacations can break their routines or potentially ruin their fitness progress. We want you to know that it is possible to truly enjoy your trips while keeping the momentum and motivation of your fitness journey. With these travel must-haves, you'll be prepared for anything your trip throws at you.


First things first is packing. Always a process, but one that can be made exponentially easier with a few of our favorite products we always use when going on vacation. Whether going on a weekend trip or a month-long holiday, these are our non-negotiables.

Cosmetic Bag

  • The perfect organizer for all your creams, serums, and SPF’s. We love how the clear packaging makes it easy to spot each product, and the top handle adds that extra chic touch.

Packing Cubes

  • These packing cubes make organizing your various outfits uncomplicated and truly help save space in your luggage. We like to group our cubes by clothing category that way you always know where each clothing piece is and can easily locate what you need.

Jewelry Organizer

  • Nobody likes untangling a group of necklaces that stick together whenever you pack them in a single pouch. This affordable jewelry organizer has slots for earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets making your life that much easier.

Weekender Bag

  • Who doesn’t love a functional but cute piece of luggage? Our absolute favorite go-to is the Beis Weekender. The ultimate carry-on that not only looks great, but has amazing functionality. Our favorite component is the bottom compartment that allows for separate storage.
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In Flight + On The Ground Self-Care

Maude is on a mission to redefine the sexual wellness industry for the modern consumer. Their high quality, simplistic, and inclusive intimacy products are absolutely amazing and perfect for indulging in self-care while traveling! Our favorite Maude rituals go a little like this:


Ambiance - Set the mood and elevate your baths with calming bath salts to soften and rejuvenate! Filled with hand-harvested salt crystals from the Southern Dead Sea, soak contains nourishing vitamins and minerals like magnesium, potassium, sulfur, zinc and more.

The Perfect Shave - Work a few drops of the dermatologist-tested moisturizing shave oil prior to shaving to protect and soften hair/skin. It gives the smoothest shave and leaves your skin feeling perfectly moisturized.

Cleanse - Experience a luxurious cleanse with Maude’s ph-balanced body wash that gently cleanses skin without irritation, and doubles as a relaxing bubble bath for one person (or more).




Prep + Plan

To make the travel process easier on you, planning is key. Research where you're going and what's around you so you know where to pick up healthy bites, and don’t forget to bring healthy snacks on the plane for easy access to your everyday favorites. We love (link to snack). It’s also very important to stay hydrated when traveling so consider bringing along a water bottle to hold yourself accountable.

On The Plane

Our top priority when traveling is comfort above all else. Being comfortable makes travel enjoyable and helps us stay optimistic even on hectic travel days. These are a few of the products and tricks that make travel as relaxing as possible for us.

travel water bottle on ledge

Water Bottle

Amplify the water you drink for optimal health with The Weo Bottle, the first-ever water bottle backed by the power of diamond. The bottle's revolutionary diamond-coated technology produces a completely new water, freshly restructured with antioxidant properties and over 200+ new bio-species that impact health and wellness. With a 3-day battery life and self-cleaning technology it’s the ultimate travel companion. Even better, each product is meant to be integrated with the Weo App, allowing you to track your hydration anytime, anywhere. Use the app to activate your bottle, initiate its self-cleaning mode, monitor health levels and water consumption, check your environmental impact, and stay connected to the Weo Community. Use code MEGANROUP for 10% off your purchase!

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Sometimes it’s just easier to drown out the noise around us when we want to relax and what better way to do that than by using noise canceling headphones? Not only do they look sleek, but they’ll help you focus on whatever show/playlist/movie you have to entertain you. To create the ultimate zen moment in-flight, consider downloading a meditation on the TSS app prior to take-off and listening with your headphones! Our favorites for moments where we want to feel calm are Ameerah’s 11 min Finding Calm + Rest and Kelsey’s 6 min Release Stress Meditation.


The perfect companion for any trip, having a way to engage your mind will surely help the time pass. Lugging around paper books can add loads of unnecessary weight to your carry-on so having easy access to all your favorites on a kindle is the way to go.

Portable Charger

Of course we cannot forget a portable charger! The number one must-have for any trip because you never know when you’re going to need that extra power boost.

Good Stretch

Don’t forget to show your body some love by getting in an in-seat recovery sesh or opting for an in-aisle walk. We love to get up and move our legs to help get the blood flowing and then finish it off with a quick stretch taking inspiration from Megan’s 6 Minute Neck + Upper Back Stretch.

No Equipment Collection

We've put together the ultimate no equipment required collection of workouts for you exclusively on the TSS App! Whether you're on a trip, or at home, check out our newest collection for workouts you can do, no equipment required. Check it out today!

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