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Giving Tuesday 2022

By Megan Roup

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Giving Tuesday 2022

Posted by Megan Roup on

This Giving Tuesday, a percentage of profits from purchases made through the TSS Shop and Membership sales supports Baby2Baby and the children living in poverty they serve.

As a company focused on helping you feel strong and confident in yourself and your body, we also recognize how important it is for us to give back to the community we empower. This Giving Tuesday, we wanted to focus on a charitable organization that means a lot to Team TSS: Baby2Baby. Megan and TSS have invested so much in supporting moms and moms-to-be in feeling good throughout their pregnancy and beyond with Prenatal and Postpartum Programs. Busy moms trying to juggle it all are a huge part of our TSS community, and as a mom herself, Megan knows this balancing act all too well. Giving back with an organization that gives back to families in need is just another example of our dedication to helping moms succeed.

Give The Gift of Movement

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Consider purchasing a TSS Shop Gift Card or gifting a TSS Membership on Giving Tuesday, November 29, and participate in feel-good, do-good gifting. 

Team TSS Gives Back

In addition to our monetary support, Team TSS highly values volunteer work. We’re a company with employees all over the country, so we support a wide range of organizations, and while diverse in their mission, every organization we support has a purpose especially close to our hearts. To celebrate the giving season, we wanted to give you a glimpse into what giving back looks like for a few of us here at TSS HQ.


One of our LA-based team members joined Megan and Morgan for a day of volunteering at Baby2Baby in Los Angeles in October, where they impacted 2,000 children in need, and loved dedicating time to helping those who deserve it the most. 

Jordan says, "Volunteering for Baby2Baby was beyond rewarding! It felt good to spend my time helping others, specifically the underserved families in our area who need it most, and it was just a bonus that we got to bond as a team while doing so. It really put things in perspective for me and made me realize how lucky and grateful I am to have the things I do. I'm so motivated to volunteer more after learning that just 2 hours of our time helped over 4,000 children here."


Having recently relocated to Montana, Talia previously worked for a non-profit in San Francisco for 7 years, and at every company she’s been a part of, she took the initiative in establishing volunteer opportunities such as running clothing drives, helping at shelters for people experiencing homelessness, and working to bring education to our prison systems. Two organizations that she loved to work with in San Francisco are Glide and The Last Mile. 

Talia says, “I used to serve meals in the morning and afternoons to homeless people in San Francisco through Glide, and I worked with The Last Mile during my time at Udemy trying to help them bring tech classes to incarcerated individuals. As I’ve had immediate family incarcerated and I’ve seen first hand how hard it is after getting out to get back into normal life.”


Growing up, Whitney was connected to many organizations with opportunities to give back via initiatives at her schools. Whether distributing sandwiches every Friday morning in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco, or assisting at migrant shelters in Nogales, Arizona and Nogales, Mexico, each and every experience has a profound impact on how she approaches volunteering and life in general. Two organizations she’s worked with extensively are the Kino Border Initiative and Guide Dogs For The Blind. Another that she is planning to work with in the near future is Every Child Central Oregon.

Whitney says, “Taking the time to utilize my privilege to help others is what I love most about volunteering. Getting to see the impact even a few hours can make on someone’s life is so rewarding. I look forward to growing my relationship with Every Child Central Oregon  by helping to support families and children in the foster care system.”


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