Trust Your Gut Prenatal Challenge

Join TSS founder, Megan Roup, mental health advocate Cameron Rogers, and revolutionary life science brand Seed for a two-week challenge, which includes:

  • 8 new TSS quickie workouts to help you feel strong and confident throughout your pregnancy
  • Prenatal stretches and pelvic floor videos
  • Prenatal-specific wellness chats
  • Easy recipes that support gut health

The challenge starts Monday, August 14 through August 27, 2023. Don't miss this opportunity to celebrate this new life stage!

Transform your workouts in less than an hour - wherever you are.

The TSS method combines powerful sculpting exercises with easy-to-follow dance cardio for a fun and effective workout. From beginner to advanced, the TSS method will help you see and feel results, while having FUN working out.

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Create the ideal workout routine with custom workout plans designed to fit your needs and aspirations.

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Engage with the TSS Fam to find inspiration and support.

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