Recovery Tips

I want to take a minute to highlight the importance of rest and recovery. We all have such crazy schedules and taking some time to take care of yourself and your body can be so beneficial! A recovery day can prevent injury and allows your muscles time to rest and repair. Sometimes we're so dedicated to our goals that it can be easy to ignore the break our bodies really need! Allow yourself time to reset and recover, both physically and mentally.

One of the easiest ways I recover is by foam rolling. I love that I can do this right in my apartment, and I can immediately feel my muscles becoming less tense with the rumble roller. Pair this with a relaxing Epsom salt bath and your body will really start to loosen up.

Getting a massage at Zuyuan is another go-to for me. Strengthening my body every day can leave my muscles feeling so tired, and sometimes foam rolling just isn’t enough. The last way I care for my sore muscles is through acupuncture. I go to Shen Medicine, which not only relaxes my muscles, but it helps reduce some stress too!

Besides taking care of my body, meditation is a super important tool I use to make sure I have the head space to do what I love to do. In The Sculpt Society app, you can find a few amazing guided meditations that will help you to manage your stress levels and allow you to be more present in your life.

One final way I take care of myself is by getting enough sleep. Sometimes it’s hard to do, but I try to get 8 hours every night so I can give every day my all! What is your favorite way to recover? Let me know in the comments! 


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  • Walking meditations.

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