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Here’s the inside scoop on The Sculpt Society x KORA Organics *new* Feel Good Program! As two female founders, Megan Roup (TSS) and Miranda Kerr (KORA) want to encourage women to focus on the importance of self care and movement. By taking a moment to dedicate to yourself and prioritize your wellness, you can feel your best and give back so much more to others. Megan and Miranda have trained together for years now and their similar approach to movement and self-care was what drove them to create this collaboration.

For Megan, her motivation comes from the story behind the creation of The Sculpt Society and what that means to her. As someone who struggled with body confidence in her early twenties, Megan understands what most women have felt at some point in their life. She’s been there, and can relate to knowing what it feels like to be uncomfortable in your own body– overwhelmed, unmotivated or a bit lost when it comes to working out. After years of torturing herself in the gym, it wasn't until she found dance-based fitness that things shifted. Megan truly began to gain a sense of strength and freedom within herself, she was finally having FUN working out. Her mission with The Sculpt Society is to empower women through movement, to stand in their bodies with confidence and strength, and to feel their best self.

Miranda has seen first-hand the benefits of working out with Megan and says, “I’ll never forget my first workout with Megan, I felt like every muscle in my body had been worked out, it was such a good feeling! Over the years, she has also taught me how to incorporate quickie workouts into my busy mom/work life. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to dedicate a full hour workout when you're so busy, which is why I love her short quickie options. You really feel like you are getting such great results and can do it in little 15-20 minute increments throughout the day. Megan even has some incredible options that are only 5 mins.”

Movement is incredibly important to both Megan and Miranda, and for Megan, her hope is that more people get to experience the power of a fun, short workout that has both physical and mental health benefits. Prioritizing self-care can look like a few stacked quickies followed by a luxurious shower; it’s not about complicating your life but instead finding the small moments that make your day more enjoyable.

To celebrate their friendship and the benefits of taking care of our bodies inside and out, Megan and Miranda created a collaborative program for anybody and everybody. The Sculpt Society x KORA Organics Feel Good Program.Inspired by TSS and KORA Organics’ shared mission to empower women to feel confident and strong in their bodies, this program helps give a little extra motivation to integrate movement into your life, paired with KORA Organics’ new line of body products to deliver your healthiest, softest skin. The outcome being a stronger habit around movement and self-care and a foundation to keep the consistency up! Most of us are looking to create a habit around working out but don't know where to begin, or have fallen out of our routines due to summer travel, so this program comes at the perfect time. It’s all about effortlessly adding moments of self-care and movement into your daily routine.  

Click below to join Megan and Miranda for two-weeks of movement that will make you feel good. 

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