TSS Corporate Memberships & Private Classes

Our corporate program isn’t something I’ve talked about on Instagram or in my coffee chats yet, but it’s something I’m excited to share with you guys since we get daily emails asking if we have membership packages or private classes!

 We’ve recently launched the ability to create membership packages for companies looking to buy memberships in bulk for their employees to use while they continue a remote working setup. Additionally, we offer private group classes at a few different levels. Whether you’re a company looking for a large class or a small group wanting a fun activity for a girls weekend, we can work with you to create a class that works for your event!

Corporate Memberships

Membership packages can be bought in packages for any length of time between 1 month and 1 year. Pay in advance for the length of time you would like to grant your employees access for, and once that time concludes they will have the option to continue the subscription at their own expense for a discounted price. 

You will collect a list of the employees that are interested in receiving the membership and their email address, and we will sign them up for the duration of time you choose.  Each member will receive an email from us with instructions on how to activate their subscription and how to get started. 


Company Classes

Companies with wellness programs can host a class for 15-150+ people with a TSS trainer. These classes can be a fun activity that can break up a workday and give coworkers, remote, or together, something to look forward to in their week! We’ll work with you to schedule a date and time that works best for your employees. You will be sent a calendar invite and zoom link ahead of the live class! Please email info@thesculptsociety.com to schedule

Private training with a TSS instructor

If you’re looking for personalized training and one on one instruction you can reach out to info@thesculptsociety.com to schedule a private class with a TSS instructor.

Group Classes

Whether it’s a bachelorette party, birthday celebration, girls’ weekend, or any other reason to get together, you can do a live virtual class with one of our TSS instructors! It’s up to you the length and focus of the class! Please email info@thesculptsociety.com to schedule a private event!

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