My Morning Routine

One thing I’m asked a lot during live workout coffee chats and on my Instagram Q&As is if I have a morning routine. Since having Harlow and moving to California, my schedule looks different every day- but that’s ok! I really try to strive for progress, not perfection, in all areas of my life and that includes with my morning routine. While I may not have a set routine each day, I try to commit to a few non-negotiables that I prioritize regardless of what I have going on during the day.


Making my bed first thing in the morning really sets the tone for my entire day… and it only takes two minutes to do- max. It allows me to start my day by feeling accomplished because I checked off a to-do first thing. In general, it just puts me in a positive, productive headspace to start off the morning.


I start my day with optimizing my digestion with my two tried and true tools: warm water with lemon and a quality probiotic.  I've tried my fair share of probiotics and it wasn't until I found Seed's DS-01™ Daily Synbiotic that I truly noticed a difference in how I felt (ease of bloating, healthy regularity, and more energy).

Within one capsule, you get a prebiotic and probiotic, which ensures that the 24 clinically-and-scientifically studied strains make it to your colon with 100% survivability (SHIME® tested!). It's truly the real deal.

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Fresh air is proven to help you naturally wake up and I definitely find that going outside first thing in the morning gives me a boost of energy. During this time, I really try and unplug and focus on feeling grounded in my body. Some days I’ll throw on a TSS medication or maybe journal what I’m grateful for. Other days, I’ll just sit outside and focus on my breath.

I’m always saying that we should commit to less to show up more during our TSS workouts. Outside of the non-negotiables we just described, I have a few “hacks” that I try to incorporate into my morning when the day’s schedule allows. I rarely do all of these things on a given day, but always feel great when I am able to sneak one or two in. 


This should really be on my non-negotiable list because I always have a cup of coffee in the morning. While I often make a quick cup at home from a pot that Morgan and I split on hectic days, my favorite way to get my caffeine fix is to take a walk to one of my local cafes. I love taking a morning coffee stroll to get outside, move my body a little bit after working on my computer, and to just take a mental break. Even if you don’t live in a super walkable neighborhood, taking a few minutes to enjoy the process of making yourself a nice morning beverage can be a great way to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of a busy morning.


Taking even a half hour to be completely disconnected from my phone and computer can be pretty challenging as a small business owner, but I do try my best to take time away from my devices when I can. If I can do a TSS meditation or a yoga flow without looking at a screen, I really enjoy the peacefulness I am able to take with me throughout the rest of my day. I also try to just not immediately jump onto social media or email first thing when my alarm goes off, so I have been working on keeping my phone outside of my bedroom and using a different alarm clock to help break the habit of looking at my phone right after I wake up before I get to my non-negotiables.


Movement is a very important part of my life and I find that I feel my best during the day when I’m able to start my morning with movement. I often am able to get movement in early in the morning after my non-negotiables because I’m teaching a Live Class over on the TSS app, working with a private client, or fitting in a workout on my own using the TSS app. Recently, we’ve been doing a lot of work behind the scenes to make TSS the best it can be, so I haven’t had a lot of time to complete our longer workouts. The new TSS Quickie Program has been a staple for me in the mornings when I crave movement, but don’t have time for a longer workout.


Since I often start my day with movement and have to quickly jump into the business-side of TSS, I find myself rushing to get ready for the rest of my day with a quick shower and sitting down as quickly as possible at my computer. I often remind myself to slow down this transition from movement to business when I have the time to do so. When I can, I try to take a few minutes to really enjoy the process of getting ready for the rest of my day. Even if I take a quick shower, I really enjoy taking the time to do my skincare routine and putting on a little bit of makeup. I feel calm, ready to tackle the day, and put together when I take a few extra minutes to do this short self care routine.



Given how busy mornings can get in our house nowadays, I rarely have time to sit and truly enjoy my breakfast. Food is fuel and breakfast is a very important meal that I never skip. If I can take a few minutes to enjoy my meal and not multitask with a meeting, emails, or on my phone, that is a big win in my book. On weekends, it’s a bit easier for Morgan and I to unplug and enjoy breakfast or brunch- and we love brunch! I always love exploring brunch restaurants here in L.A. and enjoying the sunny weather with a good meal to start a slower day.

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