January Challenge with The Nue Co.

Happy New Year!

I’m so excited for 2021.  I have so exciting fun things planned for The Sculpt Society and you all this year, I can’t wait to share more.

First, to help kick off the new year right, I’ve launched a new month-long challenge with The Nue Co. that gives you workouts for the entire month with a new focus each week. 

This week’s focus is on gut health and core strength. The workouts this week will feature ab strengthening exercises and cuts back on cardio. Core strength helps with overall stability and balance and can improve your posture. A strong core will make every other exercise feel a little easier.

I also take these pre-biotics + pro-biotics every day to maintain a healthy gut. Taking care of your gut microbiome will help reduce bloating, improve sleep quality, bolster your immune system, improve mental clarity and mood. 

Stay tuned to find out next week’s focus! If you’re still interested in joining, the challenge will be up until February 14th so you can start the challenge as late as January 18th to make it through the calendar and complete the challenge.



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