Introducing the Newest Quickie Program from The Sculpt Society

We are excited to announce our newest program: The TSS Quickie Program. The Quickie Program is the perfect solution for when you have a tight schedule and still want to get a quick sweat in, or if you simply prefer quick, efficient, and effective workouts! At The Sculpt Society, we strongly believe in the power of committing to less to show up more – because workouts do not need to be hours long. Workouts should be FUN, effective, and empowering. These results-driven and effective workouts offer a spicy burn in under 23 minutes or less.

The Quickie Program has two tracks to choose from: one that includes dance cardio and full body sculpting classes, and one that focuses only on full body sculpting classes. Like all other TSS programs, both tracks include a 4-week guided calendar so you have one less decision to make during your busy day. The calendar will also provide you with the guidance, consistency, and motivation you are looking for to get your workout done. Each week, you will be guided through five workouts and encouraged to take two rest days. The workouts will range from 5-23 minutes long, sculpting and toning your arms, booty, legs, and abs.

Here is a sampling of some of the awesome workouts you'll find in the Quickie Program!

With the program's stackable class options, you will be empowered to mix and match the length of your workout each day. When you commit to just one short quickie workout a day, you can decide to add on an additional quickie workout if you finish your first quickie feeling energized. If you are short on time or not in the headspace for a longer workout, you can end your workout after just one quickie and feel great about what you accomplished.

Whether you have low energy or just a few minutes between meetings, knowing you have the option to move your body, even for only 5 or 10 minutes can completely change the course of your day. If you are struggling to get started or stay consistent on your fitness journey, the TSS Quickie Program is the perfect solution for you!

New to TSS? Start your 7-day free trial today and be one of our first members to try this quick and spicy program!

The Sculpt Society is the #1 Sculpt and Dance Cardio workout designed to empower women through movement. TSS combines powerful sculpting and toning exercises that use bodyweight with easy-to-follow dance cardio for a fun and effective workout. 

The Sculpt Society offers over 400 on-demand workouts and multiple live classes each week. The TSS library has everything from dance cardio, lightweight, low-impact sculpting, pre- and post-natal workouts, yoga, stretch, and meditation classes. Join The Sculpt Society for access to the #1 Sculpt and Dance Cardio workout for $19.99 per month, or save $60 and join our yearly plan for $179.99.


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