Announcing The Sculpt Society Affiliate Program

One thing I LOVE about this community is how you all encourage and inspire those around you by sharing what you love with others. I’m so thankful that you all love The Sculpt Society enough to recommend it to friends and peers through word of mouth and on social media.



Because of this, I’m so excited to share that we’ve officially launched The Sculpt Society Affiliate Program so you can get credit and paid for anyone you inspire to join! 

Here’s How it Works: When you sign up for our fitness affiliate program through our partner, Impact, we’ll give you a special link to The Sculpt Society that you can share through an ad, Facebook post, Instagram Story, on your blog, in a tweet, or however you connect with our audience! We are proud to have one of the best fitness affiliate programs in the industry, so don’t miss out!

You will earn a commission for every person that becomes a Sculpt Society member through your link.  Affiliates are paid monthly for all referred customers who continue their membership through the 14-day free trial. Simply fill out the forms through Impact and get started!



See FAQ below for answers to all your questions before getting started.





The Sculpt Society Affiliate Program FAQ

How do I sign up?

Follow this link to sign up! It will prompt you to fill out a quick form to make an account.

How much will I be paid for each person that joins? 

For anyone that signs up through your personalized link and becomes a member past their free two-week free trial, you will receive a one time commission of $15 per monthly subscriber or $25 per annual subscriber

Can I get a discount code for my audience?

Yes! If you’ve signed up through our affiliate program in addition to the link we will email you a code to share that will give NEW members a 2 weeks free trial + 25% off their first month when they sign up through our WEBSITE only.


Where do I find my link?

Once logged into your account you can create your link by looking at the top right corner of your dashboard where it says 'create a link' input our website address as the landing page ( and click 'create,' and it will give you a personal link that will track everyone you convert!

How do I get paid?

Once you have an account you’ll fill out a few easy forms on Impact that will allow you to link your banking information or PayPal accounts in order to be paid. You can then choose to cash out automatically once your account hits a certain amount, or choose to cash out monthly. You can link your accounts by clicking 'setup autopay' at the top of your home page under your 'Available Balance.'

How do I know how many people I’ve converted?

You’ll be able to log on through Impact and see up to date information on current free trial members, conversions, the total commission earned, and more.


When I apply and click submit it's bringing me back to the same page.
If this is happening please double check that all of your information is correct. If you've missed a box it will show up in red where you need to input information. Also double check your linked social media included the link not just the username.


Have more questions? Email us at


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